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Gene Chizik sitting right behind. This is Newton. We will you more of your phone calls. Eight five five to four to seven to eight five and Kevin in Albany, Georgia. Good afternoon. Hey, good afternoon fall on Kevin once again just had two questions that I want to issue in regards Jake foam. The first question is what is your report card on him prior to the LSU game? I think he's he's been inconsistent. Issuer? I'm not sure it's entirely his fault. He doesn't have the same apparatus around him that he did last year. Okay. Paneling question was credited you give him for as simple as a lot of Georgia fan say what he told us championship game. And this and that how much credit do you give them? I give him credit. I listen, I think he's an outstanding quarterback. But a lot of great quarterbacks struggle when they don't have an offensive line blocking for them. And they don't have the kind of receivers and running backs that that you need. He has good running backs this year. But are they in the say, you know, maybe it's slight drop-off last year. But, but you know to me the problem on Georgia's that defense doesn't look as sharp. I mean, I had Oland Oletta looking at that everyone making have time. I thought about that. You know guy playing on appoint that making the code and and wire saying in my opinion. Pentagon or last year you have playmaker. I was throwing stay like. That lasted he can't get about fail. So that's my water military fair. It's a fair. Now. I still think the the final chapter is not been written on him. I think this team just came into the season bogged down with with expectations, and I think sometimes it's it's a little bit hard to overcome. But should they beat Florida this weekend? I think that gives them an opportunity then go to Kentucky and and get back to where they thought and most everyone predicted they would end up the season. Thank you for the call. Great to hear from you Jimmy is in Chicago on the air. Go right ahead. Jimmy. Hey, paul. Yeah. You know, we've talked already some Stephan one situation..

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