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And who your wet my name is Shirley Ramsey. And I am the founding board member of the Virginia chapter of the American Foundation for suicide prevention of welcome and Sarah. And I'm Kevin skeleton. I'm with Chesterfield suicide awareness and prevention coalition. Wow. You guys have teamed up together doing great things, and you know, we it's very top of mind right now, this whole subject, and I think it's really a good time to get some more information because more and more people seem to be affected by suicide or thoughts of suicide. So I thank you for your work itself. Important. So tell me what you guys do. Well, how I got here today is I also serve on the coalition for the Chesterfield suicide prevention. Coalition, and I we partner with them. Right. And we actually worked together on an event that is sponsored by the American Foundation for suicide prevention. Sure, okay. And the coalition gathered together in Chesterfield to kind of bring a lot of the different resources that were trying to raise awareness for suicide on their own and brought them together as a coalition so he can team together to try to raise that awareness in a much more powerful way. Well, I think that's a great idea. Now, what are you guys doing right now? What's going on? We've got survivor day, which is the international survivors of suicide loss day coming up on November seventeenth. Wow, notifications that that that will happen at and show. He's got some history about about that day. Yes. Please. Please. Let me know what that's about. That is Saturday November seventeenth is that correct? That's correct. Okay. And it's actually international. Wow. Okay. And it's a day that we hold once a year when people are affected by suicide gather around the world and events in their local communities to try to find comfort for suicide from suicide loss and gain an understanding is they share stories of healing and hope. Wow, that's amazing. And that is going on all across the world at the same time. And what is your locations for this? We have one in Chesterfield at Saint Mark's United Methodist Church unluck slain, and that's going to happen on that Saturday from ten to one. All right. And then you said is there? Another location locally. Yes. We have another one at Bon air Baptist church at the village, which is a pilot shirts of Bon air Baptist. It is actually held in the West End of Henrico on Paterson avenue. Wow. And what about the times for that that will be from eleven to two thirty. So what happens at the event? Tell me. What people can expect that show up. Generally will have a couple of speakers someone who has experienced loss and kind of talk about their story. We also may have someone who talks about grief. So they can address the griefs perspective as well. Then. The the American Foundation for suicide prevention has usually documentary, and we'll view that. Then we'll break up into small groups where we can talk a little bit more and let each of the individuals talk about their story of loss. And it's really in that time where we it's really powerful to to see how people one realized that they're not alone and to just by talking about their situation or their loved one. It really really helps to heal you begin that healing process. And and the fact that they're not alone that there's others there that are going through that loss. I think it's it's healthy to be able to be in a safe environment to talk about that grief. And maybe that guilt. I mean, all those emotions stem you. Absolutely. Yes. I you know, started the survivor day in Richmond. I guess five years ago, and it was one of the things that we were pretty much required to do in order to form the Virginia chapter for AFS P, and I found it personally personally to be very life changing. Because I lost my son in two thousand ten he was sixteen years old and setting up this event was so well supported by FSP, they gave us all the things to do to get it set up, and what I found out that bringing people together who have been through that particular loss. It's a loss that surrounded by stigma, right? And it's difficult for pill to be able to share their feelings or talk about it. And what have I I have experiences? The more. I share my story. The more talk about it. It helps other people because it brings connections to the loss, and it provides support for one another and do you feel like that helps you continue your healing process? Yes. Absolutely. We call it a grief journey, right? And it's been eight years since I lost my son. And it's amazing how being a part of this program in some of the other programs that we do have really helped me to heal. And to find hope, and I'm sure it's a process it just doesn't go away overnight. And I am sorry for your loss. Now, how about you? And then I lost my son seven years ago. Twenty one in Mark. I I'd come to one of these events three years ago. I'd seen it advertised in a I went to go to help because I received a lot of help myself, and I was going to be there with other parents are other loved ones just to kind of provide some support. And what I that's where I met those from the coalition that some of the coalition members there, and that's how I got connected to the coalition itself. And so this'll be my fourth one of these events and just really looking forward to it again just to provide that support that that people are looking for. They just need a place to talk in place that safe. So it's helped you as well as you've gone through your Turney. Yes. Oh, definitely. And you guys can definitely speak from experience. I mean, so people don't they definitely aren't gonna fill alone because you know, what you're talking about. And how they're feeling absolutely doesn't mazing how you can come full circle. In that journey journey and to be able to help others because some people just close off, you know, I find that. So sad. Do you guys discuss warning signs and things like that to families or is this mainly for the survivors to come to or can anybody come if they may be just worried about it, maybe in their own family, and and want to be prepared. Well, what we have found out is when people have lost someone to suicide it it to bring feelings. You know to them that are difficult to deal with when you're dealing with grief and loss, and it just really does help those people that too may become at risk. Okay. And it gives them the support and a fellowship of knowing that they're not alone. And it it really does I've seen so many people say this is something I've had a very hard time talking about and being able to be in a room with a group of people who've been through the same thing is very comforting. So it is open to the public of definitely is open to the public mainly for people who have suffered a loss. The most most relevant for them. And then we have other events where we could talk about prevention and awareness in things as well. So okay. So if somebody wants to get more information or perhaps join your cause her to help out in any way. How would they go about doing that? Well, you can go on our website AFS p dot org. And there are tabs at the top. There is one for support. And that will lead you to our survivor day events. You can actually find events all over the country on that website. You put in your locality. And there will they the events will pop up as to where you can find them. What the locations are and the times so that she can try to find one that's nearest you. Well, okay, survivors day again is what day is November seventeenth in. You have two locations. So that's convenient for everybody. And I just think it'd be a great. It's a great opportunity for folks who may need that help to come out you start right at worked. It's worked for you. Absolutely. And you guys can be commended on being able to turn one of the worst experiences in your life around to help others. Thank you so much. Thank you. Well, she just wrapped up the Cattlemen's ball at helping out kids your back. What are you doing girlfriend? Hey, kat. It's good to be back this morning. Thanks so much for having us. I am here today to talk about the Hanover crew foundation. The crew foundation is the crisis relief for emergency workers pan ever county. And I think that is so important and so timely, and I mean our hearts have been broken all of us because of the story in the laws. I can't imagine, you know, it's a band of brothers and your neighbors your family, but you guys are always they're doing good stuff. Torbert your name to you. By the way. Sure, I'm Dan Hodges and on the board of directors for the handover crew foundation. And the foundation was started about ten years ago. I'm in an effort to provide aid at Tom's a financial crisis hardships and emergency situations to Hanover county's first responders. It's the kind of foundation that you never wanna use. Right. But it's a great backup. When we when we need it. Well, and so is this been going on for a long time? I mean, this organization absolutely the organization we were founded eight exactly eight years ago, but we are five oh one C three organization, we do accept charitable contributions, and we have four primary focuses, of course, the crisis relief fund that we provide assistance to emergency responders who are facing financial hardships due to injuries or illness at have they've occurred on the job. We also have our educational assistance. We provide scholarships and grants to students and children of Hanover county's emergency responders. We do. We also provide physical and mental health wellness as you can imagine. After an incident that we had much like we had last couple of weeks ago on October eleventh following the death of Lieutenant Clark. We we needed those wellness services. For our first responders, certainly. And then, of course, our memorial remembrances that we provide for line of duty deaths that occur for first responders. So you guys are there for the family. We are there for the family. And that's exactly what this. This foundation was was built on. Of course, most of your listeners know that we did unfortunately have a tragic loss on October eleventh when Brad Clark ultimately lost his life in an accident on interstate ninety five, but you know, we we don't want to memorialize his death. We want to celebrate and honor the life that he lived the work. He did in Hanover county. And also keep in mind that there were three other firefighters that were involved in that accident. Yes to have been released, and and our home one is still in serious, but stable condition and MTV so we're here to support all of those families and moving forward and the other firefighters that responded to the scene that evening. Sure. Sure. Because I mean, I can't even imagine. What that was like that. You're right. We've got to celebrate his life. We have all seen all the images so loved a giving man now survivors, they've got a long ways to go. We need to help them as well. There's a lot of healing that needs to take place. Absolutely. And we've got several fundraising events that are coming up that that will help help us raise funds to support these families. And so we hope your listeners will come out in support. Some of those one really fun event is coming up in just a couple of weeks. That is our barbecue fundraising event. It's going to take place on Saturday November third from ten AM until five pm at the seminary church of Christ. Of course, Lieutenant Clark was a member of guests Emily's church, and I.

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