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Months since ABC canceled its Roseanne reboot following that. Controversial tweet by the star her character was killed off by an opioid overdose bar released a statement with her rabbi that it was done through an opioid overdose. Lent an unnecessary grim and morbid dimension to and otherwise happy family show that CBS's Jeff Vaughan with that report. Earlier this morning, I spoke with Syracuse, professor of television and pop culture. Bob Thompson and got his review the show came back. And I think we could perfectly competent. Episode. They dealt with the death of the main character, I think in believable. Kinds of ways. Whether this is going to continue to be the mega hit that. It was before we're going to have to wait and see the original Roseanne series ran from nineteen eighty eight to nineteen ninety seven. It was rebooted in March before being cancelled in may. Hours after celebrating his seventy second birthday. Dennis Hof is found dead at his home in Nevada the celebrity Nevada brothel owner was found unconscious Tuesday morning and later pronounced dead Nike county sheriff Sharon wurley tells the Associated Press Hoff was found in his private residence at love ranch brothel west of Las Vegas. The sheriff said there was no preliminary indication of foul play and an autopsy will be conducted Hof owned a handful of brothels, including the moonlite bunny ranch that was featured on the series cat house for two seasons. He was running for a seat in the Nevada State legislature as a Republican candidate Mike Rossier. A dazzling show overnight at Cape Canaveral three. We have ignition..

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