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And most O s s agents returned home to their normal lives after the war, including Frank race who used his skills in his new profession. Tony Barrett played racist sidekick cabbie Mark Donovan. The adventures of Frank right race was the type of show that resonated with post War America. Lisa This broadcast is from May 8th 1949. It's actually the second episode in the Syrians. It's called the Adventure of the Darling Debutante and this stars Tom Collins. Here's part one The Adventures of Frank Race. The Adventures of Frank Race, starring Tom Collins. The war changed many things, the face of the earth and the people on it. Before the war, Frank race worked as an attorney, but he traded his law books for the cloak and dagger of the O. S s. And when it was over, his former life was over to adventure had become his business. The Adventures of Frank Race. Wake up has an important effect on the whole of your dame Coming away peacefully set you off toe Relaxed boys beginning so I came out of my nocturnal fog to the sound of Listen. You're gonna talk to him if I have to beat your brains. Oh, no! Look, look. What you did just because you want.

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