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I want to say before we launch into this because usually we have an interim Monica shared and and <hes> I would feel terrible if I didn't say what W.. Kamau bell had out in the marketplace. He has a great book. The awkward thoughts W. Kamau Bell he also has a Netflix Special Private School Negro. Check that on a Netflix and then his C._N._N.. Show which we talked about a lot <hes> during the podcast united shades of America season four on C._N._N.. Just ended unfortunately but you can check it out. We bought it on Itunes Yeah when we wanted to listen strange yeah. It's really fun. Show such a unique perspective yeah yeah he interacts with people's very disarming yeah liked him a lot. We like them tall gentlemen tallest. I've ever seen well now. That's GonNa check that fact. K. Jess come out is six four according to his bulls right injustice six six so too tall inches taller. I actually think justice six five because we've had this conversation recently where he he says he feels like he's six six. We think he's six six but when he measures at the doctor at six five okay well that's pretty definitive when you measure at the doctor but also Conan O'Brien was in here and he is a sex couples got like four inches of hair to oh. Oh good good point. Maybe oh this goes into urine is debate about your height or the opposite because he has the same color hair as me it is it's really opposite. Maybe if yours was jagged at the top of it made a jagged outline shot straight up yours goes back flat against the has a lot of volume. How dare you will it does have volume but it does follow the contour of your varietals and you don't do your bangs like if you blew your bangs out like when I was in eighth grade uh-huh you might look five five although I think that would just be out like a visor no no no you gotta go up real high up there? I'll show you some pictures arena him and I'm a yearbook. Oh yeah she's your hottest girlfriend. I don't want to brank. The People's hotness is all you do is all you do is rank hotness. You are always calling people a ten or a two or something like that one on one. I only say people's number. If it's really high I only so I only keep a positive. I've never come on your call someone a to maybe I'll leave it to listeners to tell me 'cause I can't remember remember that they might want to just get excited for a second I now see that you've found your other flipflops. Whatever that's called slipper sandal what's off when I found one of them in errant Sandal deck as we were leaving the house from our vacation? Yeah we're back in Los Angeles everybody everybody Nixon. It's sad waltz mix for me. I do love this studio. I love being in the space. I'm already excited just to be in hearing in that's A. B.. I hate it here. I want to be back on that way hated the world. It's stinks in here so yes. We're back. What a trip we had a trip? It's a real eat in over there on Western Lake Michigan coastline. I wonder if people like hearing about our vacation or if they're like okay we we get it. You had a fun vacation the ladder yeah I think maybe yeah but isn't in a form of expressing gratitude. I'm expressing gratitude quarrel very lucky to have been on that trip and in the Eden only were on the beach catch. You said I don't like anything you've said on here as well and I've already said on here after you said that that I don't find that to be helpful to me to hear and then he said it again <hes> because you called me a sex Chinchilla right times that's right a couple of times and I said Hey I don't like that and use it. You don't like anything Oh that's. That's not exactly what what happened. We started listing many many animals that we were all sitting around in a circle. Doing what are animal totems could be so. We're guessing in every guest that we had for you. You didn't like no yeah and I said she doesn't. She's not going to like any of the animals we compared to. That's totally not what happened at all. Oh that's how I remember it. What animals do people say that? I didn't like. I said a I don't know I said a Fox at one point is we're just GONNA have different I get I said a Fox News. Fox makes sense. That's always said about me being an animal totem animal. I think you were telling the story about sex Chinchilla. You told the story and then we were done telling that story and then we were playing cards and then you said it you called me and then I said I don't like that and you said you don't like anything. Oh can. I said why don't like that and then you laughed that was funny that was appropriate time to laugh but a keeps coming up and it bothers me okay. I'm sorry it feels like no matter what Animal Mo we guess for you. It's a pass okay. You can't even tell me one of the animals that you're talking about g animals. I said Kuala Bear. I said I would never have said you. I don't like that. That's totally really fine. Yes at bad I don't know I don't think it's bad no one called me. You're you are mistaken. I think I would have been interested to hear all the animals people thought I was no one said anything. After we talked about Fox Knox <hes> and then section show was own thing standalone the exact same time during the same conversation it was during the same day but it was not the same conversation and it's fine. I just WanNa know I mean. I don't think you were talking about just the animals I well. My real opinion of you is no matter what animal all say you'll try to think of the worst thing about that like I don't understand your huge objection the sex Chinchilla Chila. I really don't into Super Cute animal in your disgusted by it so I think that you no matter what I say is the negative and I do think that I think you're trying to find a negative whatever animal by talking about specifically in animal conversation are you talking about in life. I'm talking about all things. Were your assessment of your your physical attraction is potentially in the argument completely delusional about how you look and then I think when we talk about anything related to how you look that you're trying to turn it into something negative and I I do have that opinion of you. Okay that's fine that you have that opinion and that could be true. That probably is true but I guess my question is if you know that something is going to trigger me feeling feeling bad about myself. Why would you say why often don't know until you react then? I'm reminded of it when I'm just calling you a sex panther or a sexton chiller anything. I'm not okay well. Sex Panther is not the same a section Chila. No one called me a sex panther and I got upset about that well. I'd have to go back and listen but I do believe that I said what if Matt and Ben called you a sex panther sexton. Can you help me. You know I know Oh you're sitting over there and you know sex. Panthers brought up from Anchorman writing about me no sex TARAF and then texture after look him up for you yeah no good animal that people want ought to be considered was brought up for me which is fine to go back and listen. I'm not going to concede that. I think tried on a bunch of names I okay and then I think sex Chinchilla was the funniest in it hurt your feelings and I think it's so obviously means nothing. Whether we call you a sex Chinchilla sex leopard or a sex slide it does though no it's so preposterous we are arguing whether or not Riana can be called a sex draft already starts off as Cuba's Converse of course should Rana be upset that I'm seeing a sex giraffe if I called U._S._X.. Draft would you be upset. I think you would think whatever animal I would say to you would upset you and you're trying to make an objective claim about what what animal is sexy or not but I started with calling someone I think very sexy a sex giraffe yeah which no woman's really necessarily dying to be confused with Giraffe so it just to me it started on a preposterous premise and then my call you is sex Chinchilla. It's just funny and I understand your feelings. Were and I'm sorry that they were but for me. It was funny from the get-go and it was never an evaluation of your actual looks or what animal you resemble and so I think we have different sensitivities to that. We have different sensitivities in general <hes> and I'm just saying that I don't think and maybe I'm wrong about this and you can tell me if because if I'm doing it I really want to stop. I think I do have fairly good job of not trying to exacerbate your sensitivities. You must because you never anger me or hurt my feelings except for when you've been a happy when I've lost that's the only brought that up yeah. I just thought I will bring that up. 'cause it felt more like a broad a painting with a pretty wide brush of my personality that I don't like anything and I don't find that to be true at all. No I just meant what the animals like a lot of stuff rectangle sandwiches <hes> album square sandwiches his round sandwiches even had a <hes> a long skinny sandwich at Lafayette Coney Island Wall Nice Sandwich we call that we according day Andrew Zimmer N- he maintains that it's sandwich anything between bread I guess he had some strong opinions about cookies and crackers and sandwiches. I agreed with him. He said well someone in our Q. In a in Minneapolis mast is eh animal cracker a cracker or cookie and he felt very strongly was a cookie fast enough. Yeah I agree age it is. I don't even think anyone's really on the cracker side of the debate. Have you ever met anyone like you know my favorite aver crackers are crackers and cheese animal crack <hes> again animal crackers in a sharp sharp Cheddar is my favorite. Maybe the kids would say that to get away with getting some free cookie absolutely angling to get a box cookies. I bet I wonder when they created that product they were we can't call him animal cookies because parents won't buy their kids McKee's hunter just cracker. It says it on the bucks dance eighties who had their weekly fifteen fifteen minutes of watching the kids got Ogilvy bathroom shame downstairs and there's like six empty boxes animal crackers on on their crackers it came from England where they call cookies biscuits or crackers. That makes a little bit of sense. I do remember having a real laugh when Aaron and bulletin deny were in Venice Italy on our little European Paean adventure and we had an English roommate in our hostile in he was sharing his chocolate digestive biscuits with.

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