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Monday feeling once again. It's been a while it's been three weeks in the steelers are now twelve and three. They have clinched the afc north. They make philip rivers. Go crying back to indianapolis and a lot can change here in in just a week. We'll talk about that a lot in terms of in the second half of this show. We're going to talk about winners and losers. I'd eight winners and four losers from this week sixteen game at heinz field as well as to rest or not to rest players. That'll be at the very end of the show. It makes you stay tuned. But first and foremost i want to talk about the headline of this episode. The title of this episode. What will this. Jekyll and hyde steelers team do when it matters most. That's that's what's on. Everyone's mind right now. This is literally like watching two different teams every single week. That's what it's like. It is trying to figure out which team is which which teams going to show up which players going to show up at specific positions. No one knows. I've had so many people hit me up on twitter and say jeff. What's going on with this offense. What are you fix in. There are times in my life. Where i've been able to kind of have a really good finger on the pulse of okay. If they could do this or that. I think they would success honestly the last three weeks. It's literally putting your hands in year. Saying i have no clue i got. I got nothing. I have nothing outside of just saying this burger needs to play better. I've got nothing. So when i thought about this team when i thought about this game it literally. And it's not just the tale of two halves for me. Everyone's gonna talk about that. The tale of two halves in a very apropos. I get it but at the same time. I think that this team is more dr. Jekyll and mr hyde. If you're familiar with that story you know the doctor. Jekyll was he was like the quiet guy. He was the the doctor that did his job. But then he when he when he turned into mr high will. Mr hyde was dangerous and mr hyde was he was. He was the guy that dr. Jekyll got addicted to being. He got addicted to being that that persona that person. So for me dr. Jekyll is the steelers. The last three weeks mister is. The team came storming back in the second half against the colts to win in week. Sixteen and that was such a big win for many reasons. Dr jekyll is the steelers. Barely beating the brand. The upstart barely beating the ravens at heinz field and mr hyde is the team that went on an to know run. So what is this team. Which which is is it. Dr jekyll or is this really. Mr hyde was week. sixteen comeback. Nothing more than just a well. They got lucky. You know the the colts did this. The colts that the steelers got some calls here. There was that what it was or is this. Maybe the turning point for this team. That's talk about first. Let's talk about what it is about this. Dr jekyll steelers team okay. Well what defines the team when they're struggling. What defines the team when they're not having success will first and foremost it's abysmal. Offense look at the first half of the pittsburgh steelers win over the colts in week. Sixteen ben rothlisberger had ninety yards passing ninety yards. He ended up throwing for three hundred and forty two and he had ninety yards passing in the first half. You'd think about that. That's a horrible. This users had twenty yards rushing in the entire game on fourteen carries. I understand that when you're playing from behind that's that that makes a difference. Get it but at the same time. Ninety yards passing twenty yards rushing their third down. Offense is just they struggle. it's situational football third and shorts. There were times. There are times where. I'd rather the steelers have a third and five and a third one and that's horrible to say really. Is you have a defense. That just can't stop the run. Am i alone in thinking that. When i think back to that game and i said this during the game i got to watch this game with my dad which was which i haven't watched the game. It's two thousand and eighteen with him. He was in town celebrating the holiday and we got to watch the game together. And i said i feel like every time. Jonathan taylor touches the football. He's going to have at least five yards rushing. That's just the steelers defensive from was getting pushed around. We know the strength of that in indianapolis colts offensive line is in the interior with quinton nelson and company employees. Were they just moving. Bodies and jonathan taylor is a tremendous talent as well. I think he finished with an average of four point seven yards per carry. It just seemed like my goodness. They can't stop the run to save their life and for some unknown reason. I have no idea why the colts did this. They got away from the running game in the second half. This almost was a in my opinion. a lot. like the steelers game against the houston texans at heinz field. You remember in the first half the steelers could do nothing. They they couldn't they couldn't stop anything. And then in the second half the texans got completely away from what from what was working in the first half and the steelers were able to come back. Same thing happened in week. Sixteen this is also the doctor. Jekyll steelers is also a a defense in team. I guess you should say the thrives in survives on turnovers. And if they don't get them boy they're in trouble if they don't get the turnovers takeaways they're in trouble now. They got to against the colts and that was a huge plays none larger than the tj watch trips act which was recovered by mike hilton. Return to the three yard line and the steelers punched it. In james conner rushing touchdown get the feeling if they didn't get that play. The steelers weren't going to score a point in the first half period. It was it was awful. Abysmal is not even good enough adjective to describe the steelers offense in the first half but the problem is is that i am not the only person that feels this way. That turnovers come in bunches. Sometimes you get to in the game which the colts had not turned the ball over lot by the way and they're able to get to but at the same time there's been games like the last two weeks they hadn't gotten any so the pittsburgh steelers. That's what happens when you have to depend on that. And that's the key. I'm not saying the takeaways or bad. Trust me. they're not but when you have to depend on those that's bad because if you don't get them you're screwed and that's exactly what we've seen. I'm starting to last week against. Cincinnati was a very good example that you also these questionable coaching decisions. Whether it's randy feet ner with his. I don't know sometimes it feels like he's just throwing stuff against the wall like he's literally going through his play sheet in it's just perverted like throwing stuff against the proverbial wall just like maybe something will stick. I'm gonna try this now note. That didn't work. I'm gonna try this now. It just doesn't seem like there's ever any calculated decisions that are being made. It just seems like they're constantly just grasping at straws. Yeh i don't get it..

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