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Good ride Shipping up eastbound 94 from Highway 16 all the way to downtown. That is gonna be about 17 minutes downtown to the zoo on the westbound side about 12 minutes or open extra five. Watch for a little bit of bunching their stuff on 41 Highway. Cute zoo 15 minutes. That's looking good. South 43 is as well 12 from Brown your road to the Marquette and then from the downtown area Toe Layton Avenue on 43 94 South bound. That'll be seven minutes. You're navigating roads as quickly and safely as possible. If you see something we should know about call the W T. M. J Hall. Mazda Milwaukee dot com. Traffic Tip line at 414203 81 100 with traffic and weather together on the tens from nebulas Agha w T M j w dot Conference W T. M J five Day forecast. Tonight. Clear skies alot of 34 degrees tomorrow, Sonny a chance for showers at night. The high of 56 on Sunday cloudy, windy cold, a high.

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