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Ten WTVN Allison Wyatt the chairman of the Ohio State university's board, of, trustees has praised, the process that went, into investigating head football coach urban Meyer trustee Michael gossard said Thursday Email released by the university that he was proud of the independence of Ohio, state's investigative committee is Email was in response to one from trustee Jeffrey Wadsworth who wanted a stiffer. Penalty for Meyer and who then resigned from the board, in protest the widow of a former Ohio. State football star says police used excessive force when they arrested her late husband. And a federal appeals court is allowing her lawsuit to now precede Jim still wagon was a former Ohio State captain and member of the nineteen. Sixty eight national championship team, and died earlier this year is widow EFI sat in a lawsuit the Delaware police altered facts and suppressed, and destroyed evidence to pursue their investigation nonstop flight service to Seattle Washington is coming to. Columbus is John Glenn, international airport, Alaska Airlines announced they, will, begin, offering flights. To the, largest city in the Pacific northwest coming this March Columbus becomes the first city in Ohio to be served by, Alaska, Airlines flights to, Seattle will also give, John Glenn international a third west coast destination along with routes to Los Angeles and Oakland meanwhile if you're hitting the road sometimes it's better to, be number two AllState has put Albert's fourteenth any will to drivers in America report and Columbus drivers. Are second in the worst Buckeye state according to their, list but they say that Cincinnati ranks the. Worst.

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