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For a scoreboard Update will get to one before them. John Swisher's starting to write down those early scores. Here comes the draw, handoff and good running up the middle Hawks almost pride that ball out of there. Good job by Jordan Simmons of hanging on to the football and he gets nine on a first down carry. That was good blocking by the middle of the Michigan State. You know, that's the first time we've seen that brought the offside. Hand over and trapped. On our right side of the defense. Good old Jack Heflin and Zach van Valkenburgh. Davion. Nixon is out there with Chancery Gholston second down and short the ball at the 35. Fake on the run this time, Lombardi says. He throws it up picked up intercepted by the hot guys. Iowa gets the ball right back on. He stormed over but tacklers or was it Barrington? Way? The linebacker. He was running and coverage on that right flat and a really bad decision by Rocky Lombardi and he was getting blips on. He just threw it up for grabs. Those two receivers kind of in the area, but they weren't even looking for the ball. We're happy to say it's not been a good homecoming for Rocky Lombardi. Look at the replay answer who is blitzing? Barrington Wade comes up with this second interception. It's like, you know, there's not a blitz. It's just a great stunt move by Van Valkenburgh. He's got a sack. And he was as big a part of that forced turnover. Yes, Barrington Wade was Tyler Goodson's in the backfield. Oh, the Hawks again with great field position. Go up 28 nothing with a score here. Big hole.

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