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Back with the Tom shillue? Does any of this surprise you the Jesse small et case being dropped Rick in Victoria, Texas? Don, thanks for taking my call. Yeah. I pulled out the Chris my famous crystal ball, and you want to hear a guarantee what my crystal fed, which is never wrong. What's that? Of course, Jesse. He never blinked you notice how company see is why he's got the goods, Tom. He's got the good. And what the good say he's got somebody is there's a relationship and in it's in government over there. And they get rid of this guy. We don't want it to come out because a man probably got a family and got a wife. Christobal also says TMZ will break this case in fourteen days. Wow. I'm going to write it down put it in your calendars. You know, not not a bad theory. Rick. I mean, I'm not gonna say that any of it's true. But it's as speculation that's his guests. Thanks for the call. Rick says there's somebody there's a sex scandal, basically, and it might be in somewhere in government and somebody wants it to go away. And Jesse knows it that's why he says he's so confident now again, I told you I don't mind conspiracy theories because I told you the Terai Henson's got a bigger one than our friend from Texas. Adam in lake bluff, Illinois, what do you think? Eight. Remember you asked about it's a white person or somebody that's famous at. Some similar thing happened. Yeah. Remember the apple Wednesday kids affluence? Right, right. That guy. He grew up so privileged that you know, he couldn't be responsible for his actions. Right now dR thing that I wanted to say, I didn't think that this case will go the way it did where he basically got annulled. Expunge? But now the.

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