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The night cap on seven hundred WLW am Gary Jeff Walker tip if you can just tone the tunes down for the opening I'd appreciate it usually I just let the thing play out because I love Johnny's tune written by Paul Anka as listener fan John McAndrew in it out last week when somebody asks what the song was from the Johnny Carson tonight show is done by doc Severinsen and the NBC orchestra as I remember but I want to start tonight by saying in response to president trump insisting that the rule of law be enforced and how important it is for us the stain sustain a Republic or democracy for all Americans I agree wholeheartedly and the tape we've all means that you don't now seen a thousand times since last Monday night the Minneapolis now fired police officer and charged with third degree murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd with his knee on the man's neck for some eight minutes while the suspect was obviously already subdued we must never accept that kind of behavior from police no matter what ethnicity or color the suspect is we should never accept that and they've been other occurrences obviously over the course of years that being said that bad arrest that possible first degree murder of an American citizen at the hands of a police officer again the colors of their skin are not important to me the picnic the the the pigmentation of their skin is not important to me not and it's not germane to the subject that that behavior should never be accepted by the American public any of us our police officers are responsible for upholding the rule of law themselves as much as we are expected to that being said that being used as an excuse for outright violence lawlessness looting and arson is should be also as equally unacceptable to us as Americans there's no reason for it you do in the in the constitution and the bill of rights you do have the right to redress your grievances with the government and express your freedom speech as a matter of protest you you have that right but the few criminals among the many protesters we're not exhibiting their freedom of speech and exercising their first amendment rights the Marietta purposes for them doing what they've been doing across the country and the reason that Cincinnati is under curfew again this evening and at this point it appears as if the CPD has come out in full force and they've got the situation under control multiple arrests being made as people were not observing the curfew and some tense moments between journalist from the Inquirer and WCPO channel nine that we all if you if you didn't witness it it happened then you regardless there's absolutely no excuse for tearing down for vandalizing someone else's business for beating people within an inch of their life just because they happen to be out well you're trying to because chaos and trying to divide us more than we already are and I've also wondered about the culpability in the media of all this was it seems like many in the mainstream media have been reminding us of how racist this country is and all of the other narratives which you may or may not believe but they have also done a very good job of making sure we're all fork focused on you know if the cameras weren't there I hate to say this but if the news cameras weren't there at the end is a patient of the next burst of criminality to catch it live if it bleeds it leads if they weren't there often I mean how long would it go on it would go away in a heart beat if the instigators if the agitators the anti far among us did not have mainstream media news coverage of their looting and rioting and there absolute disdain for the American way of life if if the media wasn't covering it they would have no reason to be there and they would simply go away sure they got social media but it's the mainstream media it's the partners in leftist plans there are at least partly responsible for this five one three seven four nine seven thousand one eight hundred eight four three two four four one pound seven hundred and eighteen tea is a free call and this our love to hear from you we have a fantastic show lined up talking about this of course talking about any number of things which out of give you the run down here in a little while but first and foremost I'd like to go to the phones and talk to Chris from Westchester good evening welcome to the nightcap Chris right now are you I'm doing fine how do you usually here at the club that bridge a police police for not blocking the bridge for the current year and generally right wing transaction he saw a picture of that for instance Bridget looks like in terms of published articles about I remember seeing any of that on the local news today so I don't know what I'm sure if you well I'm essential unessential personnel Christian that's all you have to put your credentials okay first of all actually actually you know my credentials expired on may twenty eighth so while trying to get home tonight I'm interested your occupant you know top dollar in the shelves would use containership for your producer for the evening did you go well apparently the show is doing much better than it used to do because they've they've put in an A. Lister behind the controls tonight interference in the form of what they think that coming to see what will gymbucks what do you want your patients from all this video we've been seeing and all that sort of do you think I observe watching all this could be an observer person and pay attention and we don't notice during all of these so called learning journeys right after the looting thank we don't know to be true it's going to be sure they're responsible for it so don't you do the math your morning I noticed walking Reuters I I couldn't believe that they would think that this is a teaching moment for their five year old short of small children warm okay the gentleman in every direction welcome to virtual should be charged with child endangerment your that means a lot bring okay let's get real here I didn't see any malls protesters pretty sure they wore their publishers over the few black ones there also you know they were hidden harbors got Max on now so you really don't know who's a professor at nowadays I noticed I'm interested you should including started every single bar area okay one of the burger chain McDonald's Kentucky kicked in the warranties are authorities are called junior or any of these charges corporation fast food places alluded our brand down but you know it's Chris you don't surprise me is that up to this point out may have happened somewhere in the country but dollar general wasn't looted because you couldn't get a whole lot of stuff of a dollar general it's not a felony charge I mean in California I've got a steal least minor nine hundred dollars worth of stuff would be a felony so I'd figure all the dollar generals would be emptied out it was all those things were burned against some other exclusive don't liquor store the convenience store there nineteen hello this is the people in Minneapolis looting the target store with six flat screens on a card to date just snatched out of the store and grab after they broke the windows of the close target store and that nothing says like avenging a brother's death like a a brand new wide screen TV these are just things that I noticed there were just observations and you just look up there's nothing since because literally on the secondary thank you Mr Florida passed away people were killed by police officers across the country for ages and ethnicities one can come in any of them other than the Louisville one yes it is partially to do with the just the percentages of the population Chris I did so I did send I did some research into it seventy five over twenty years span in this country seventy five percent of the people who died in police custody of one cause or another happen to be white your own used on that study cannibal institutions are starting with the stores don't it was reported by shovel her character Costner's country dark under the hands of police were there were there were very being arrested which is gestures we changed ridge from any as I mentioned at the top of the broadcast we as American citizens should never except of death in police custody like we saw George Floyd or anybody else to be intention yeah it's just skin color is is image if you don't we're already in North Dakota in addition to do you use for a long time okay these almost everywhere in the city government our democratically because because they they are reactive they're not proactive the people in charges of those places sadly which is one thing that president trump is trying to address and did today in his speech from the rose garden take a break your calls as we continue on the night cap on seven hundred WLW America is W. L..

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