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Explored? I would like to see it more of take it out of the coach's hands for a challenge. Take it the right to New York, almost like the NFL does in the final minutes. And the final minute of the game in New York sees a play that is so egregious like that one. They can stop the play and say, yes, we're going to review that, you missed the call. Now, they'd have to look at it because of plays going and that had been like a transition and now boss to get the balls going the other way. How do you stop it and prevent it from going to the lab? Those are things you got to figure out, but I'd like to see if they can explore maybe the final minutes of situations like that where maybe there's a buzzer that the referees have like they do in football and that final minute they just get a buzz like that's revealed once you go take a look at this. Because I think if you have replay, you got to be the point of replace to try to get it right so you don't have the situation. So I would love to see them explore it. I don't want the games to go longer because they are long, but they've got to explore way maybe that it comes from the league office and their New York and the replay center. Well, that's the tradeoff, right? Because, you know, the NBA is obviously very concerned about flow of the game issues. It's why they eliminated the referee initiated replay on out of bounds violations last year because I mean God sitting there for some of those games it seemed like three or four times in the last two minutes you'd have out of bounds violations reviewed and that really gummed up the end of game situation. You make a good point, like what happens if that ball is still in play in a timeout isn't called how do you handle that particular situation. But I do look not to defend LeBron here, but I do understand where he's coming from. I was in LA sitting there during that, what was it a double overtime, game against Dallas, where I think it was the end of regulation, it was pretty clearly filed by Christian wood at the end of that game, and he's one of those players, Billy, that, you know, like Shaq during his heyday, you know, Carmelo was kind of the same way. He draws so much contact that I think sometimes referees just don't know how much of it to call because every time LeBron goes to the basket and by the way, shout out to LeBron, that was a great drive to the basket. He went left on that drive, blew by Malcolm Brogdon, is a good defender. And my biggest issue with that non call was not Eric Lewis, but there was another referee right there, like all the baseline right there and it happened right in front of him. And I get it. We have the benefit of slow motion. We have the benefit of hindsight. But if you're a professional referee, you got to call that. Like that is a pretty clear cut file. And you do, but I'd like to see, was there a player in his line of vision? If he's on the baseline, like you said, he can see it. Did a player go buy it, you know, because a lot of times there was a game I remember we were playing I was in Brooklyn, we were playing Miami. And there was a clear file into the game inbound play, but the referee, his positioning, there was no way to see it. I remember calling the league, said, look, it's a blown call, but and I won't say the referee's name, but there's no way he could have saw it because from his position. So I said, maybe you guys need to look at positioning on invaluable free so they do get a better angle. And that's the only thing where because it was so obvious to me, something had to block the visual, something that he couldn't see it. That's the only way. And to go back to made that point about the replay and that's great. But now that one was so obvious, if they're not obvious and now you're stopping play from the league office, well, we got to take a look at it. Maybe if I may not be filed, now you're taking away transition. So it's going to be a hard situation for the league to step in on that, but maybe that maybe that's one at the end of the game. If it's at the final buzzer, if the league sees something, then they can come in. Maybe it's at the final buzzer that they see something they can do with it. Maybe it's only on that play. And then everyone said, what about the previous play? But maybe it's just in the final play. What are those phone calls? What are those phone calls like? What kind of response is rob polanka getting today if he's on the phone with Joe dumars or Monte mccutcheon or whoever he might be talking to at the league office? The league knows it's a file. Would it just be rob palinka venting at this point? Or is there something constructive that comes from those phone calls? Well, it could be him venting, but if he has another point of view like I did, like maybe the try to say that his positioning wasn't right or there's other things, but from the leak standpoint, they're going to say, yeah, we missed it. There's nothing we can say. Yeah, and they're going to say, why? What did he say afterwards? They said that and they may give a little better explanation of why they missed it. And that's where you could get that from the league. The best one has been raw Thorne was in a position because rob would say, yeah, we missed it, but he would come back and say, but three and four free throws you missed. Previous possession, you could have won the game, you made your free throws or you didn't turn it over, which he was right though, because it's not that one play that cost the Lakers that game. It did because of the fact he would have been on Washington fritos. But a couple more plays or something throughout the fourth quarter, they make different, they met are in that position. So that's the hardest thing. You're dealing with human beings. And if you watch football, it's the same thing in football. Yesterday, sideline Kansas City, they're running down the homes going out of bounds, and he puts them. It was definitely a late hit out of bounds. They win the game. Now, is that the referee's fault? Or is that the player's fault for putting them out of bounds? Yeah. It really sounds like there's no easy answer to this. And try to make as fewer mistakes as you can in those situations. All right. Let's talk about a couple of teams here at crossroads as we get to the NBA trade deadline. The bulls right now as we record this are tenth in the Eastern Conference. They are not a serious contender. Lonzo Ball has been out all season long and Billy Donovan said recently he is nowhere near playing. So I would expect Lonzo at some point around the all star break to be ruled out for the rest of the year. You also can't look at the bulls roster and say it has this enormous upside for years to come. They don't shoot the three. They don't rebound the defense has been slipping the last few weeks. This was a roster Billy to me that was constructed to effectively end a four year playoff drought. But it always felt kind of a cut below real contender status. So here are the bulls are with Nikola vucevic on an expiring contract with demar Derozan with one year left in his contract with a lot of teams interested in Alex Caruso and remember, this is all, you know, this hall is playing out with the backdrop of the Chicago owing Orlando, a top four protected first round pick this year. So if you're our tourist carna slovis, how are you approaching

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