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Frank vogel you have. Somebody says pretty vogel's over the other day. That was him up this week. Here call frank vogel to get hold of reggie miller. We're trying to get rosie. Just call frank. Al snow big time. Think jones as big match bother him. Marty brennaman i've got his number. We've called him before the show. I feel like ryan. You probably have a whole rolodex of Sports celebrities or four former uk players kosh and ravi and rahmael bradley and people like that. So chuck hayes. Think clinton as a bookie's number in here somewhere so. I like that question a good question from cliff. Let's get one more but we take our break who we got rick. Kay have kenny. Next kenny go ahead kenny guy. I was wondering y'all kind reported yesterday about old miss. I'm backer that was getting into the transfer. Or how does that would. He be able to play immediately already. Have to sit out and wait. Listen to answer it drew. This must be a question. Because i have no idea what he's talking about. There's a leaving oldness inside linebacker. Jack was jones. Okay i have no clue what his intentions are. Don't know much about why he left ole miss or if he's even considering kentucky but that is a position of need for kentucky and coached some raw has missed is. It's where he came from. So i think a lot of people are keeping eyes on him as a potential edition. But as far as what's actually going on. I i'm not in tune with with that one. That was kind of breaking news yesterday. Just of somebody to keep our eye on that could potentially. Yeah i mean he's he started there. It's definitely it's the biggest weakness on. Uk's team and then the summer connection. I think all things combined. It's so someone's certain all right we'll take a break come back take some more phone calls before we get into scott county date a second hour.

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