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Everybody. This is George Gentleman. Editor in chief in film school and we have an interview today. And it's a treat because it is Jeff Cronin with. If you don't know who he is. He is the cinematographer who has worked with David Fincher, a number of times the nominated for Oscars twice. And perhaps most popular among. Our community. But what do I know maybe not he shot fight club. So he has you know he was nominated for the social network. I think grow with the Dragon Tattoo as well for the Oscars he's up for an emmy now, four tales from the loop, which is an amazing. SCIFI series. But he has one of the Great Hollywood industry inside stories his grandfather was a still photographer who was nominated for Oscars back when still photography for. Features was enough of a part of the process that there is a category in the Oscars that his father was a legendary cinematographer who shot among other things bladerunner with Ridley. Scott and Jeff actually was onset quite a bit. So we talked about that today we talk about his apprenticeship with his father becoming a loader a second I we talk about him working with. Spend Nykvist who if you don't know who he is we talked about it in the podcast, but he's one of the greatest cinematographers ever who shot most of. Ingmar Bergman's movies and Jeff were closely with him. Subject is just steeped in cinematography from the last half century. And he has shot these amazing movies. He shot film he shut digital. He's been involved in the development of the red sensors along with venture. And don't cut out of this interview early because at the end, he gives what I can only describe as a masterclass on camera movement from the way that he and David fincher approach it and you just it's just so special that we got this in that. He took the time to talk to us and share all of this and I'm really excited that everybody's GonNa get to listen to it and here we go. Where did.

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