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If you can find one some years back, I actually watched the Bush Kerry debates in a movie theater full of people. And that was surprisingly awesome, okay item. Three here is the most important thing. I want you to consider doing during the debates especially if you have kids around really this is a note for everybody. And that is when a topic comes up during the debates that you don't know much about I urge you to write it down. Like, if you're not sure what I don't know, carbon capture and sequestration is or the details about reparations or some weird. Word or acronym, like HUD, or US MCA just write it down. And then later on you can look it up, or you can ask me on Facebook or Twitter, and I will do a little mini segment to address the QNA for that kind of stuff. So that's my main thought while you're planning reviewing, even if it's just you by yourself, which is, by the way, how will be watching this, because, you know, it's kind of my job, please make room to make a note of the things you don't know that much about the fact of that, as we'll come out of these multi-hour, marathons with a better understanding of both the candidates, and the issues. Montana governor, Steve Bullock, just barely missed the cut off for the first dates as I reported earlier this week he has qualified for the second set next month or definitely looking at tiebreakers to whittle that field down to twenty people. So the question for today is what's bullet gonna do on those debate nights next week? Well, he's actually got a pretty solid plan. I gotta hand handed to him. This guy is making lemonade right now. Okay. So his plan is to hold televised town halls before the debates air in both Iowa and New Hampshire. He's doing one each night, and they will air in the hour before the main event by doing this. He's reaching those crucial early voters, even without the national audience tuning in, and he's getting a ton more time than the five or ten minutes, each candidate in the main debates is likely to get reading from a political story by Alex Thomson, quote, we'll look will appear June twenty-sixth on. I was WHO TV with Dave price and June twenty-seventh on New Hampshire's w. AM you are with Adam Sexton, the appearances will be televised a head of the debates in Miami, rather than concurrently, and quote, meanwhile, a different story. Zach Montelera reported on a poll conducted by politico and morning. Consult about the debates themselves and whether voters think the process for candidates getting on the stage has been fair. This is pretty interesting to me because they asked whether voters had opinions about those DNC rules. That's the stuff about sixty five thousand donors and one percent in three different polls, and all that, these are things that I've talked about on this show over and over, but, you know, let's face it, y'all are a very engaged crowd, your average primary voter likely has not even heard of this stuff. Well, the poll seemed to prove that reading a line from the peace, quote, only thirty nine percent so that they have heard a lot or some about the complaining over the NC's rules for qualifying for the debates while sixty one percent. Haven't heard much about it? Or anything at all? And quote and by the way, that specific number is based on people who said they plan to vote in the democratic primaries. And the margin of error is plus or minus three point five percentage points. Okay. And one more quote the demonstrates where normal voters are on this debate fairness stuff today, quote when asked if they approve of the job, the DNC is doing and running the debates a slim plurality of thirty three percent say they don't know or offer. No opinion roughly and other third thirty two percent. Leave. The DNC has been running the primary debate process somewhat fairly the largest group of voters to offer an opinion all told fifty four percent majority, gave the DNC positive marks saying, they're doing either a very or somewhat fair. Job of wrangling. The two dozen candidates running with just thirteen percent. Saying the party is doing a somewhat or very unfair..

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