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Talk to vanguard to see how you feel about going in their personal advisory service because then most your money is still working for you very little being paid for somebody to advise you right but for the standard industry kind of thing which is paying somebody one percent of the money you have to manage it for you I recommend that you go to nap five the national association of personal financial advisors in a P. F. A. dot org okay and you'll be able to put in your zip code information and they'll be able to give you a list of people that are local to you you go interview several of them first by phone then a few in person meetings with at least three different firms or individuals figure out who's personality seems to fit your is the best whose guidance deal like the best and then you're able to make a decision and then I would compare talking was so my face to face versus the vanguard method which cost basically one third the cost and see what sounds best and sounds right for you Gary is with us on the car carriage of hi Kerry hi Clark long time listener Glenn finally talked with you great to have you here Gary so I have a deceptively simple question I should be pretty basic for most adults hold the number you're actually talking about this and mind you I'm a little older than when it first happened but now you know and like you needed to some folder the situation there appears are on this one is one of your guys trying to establish my credit I got a couple high interest credit cards with a very low level something around three to four hundred dollars each and you know fifteen years later I still have the numbers recording and I've never missed a payment I'm wondering when is it appropriate to cancel those cards the Cubans are that I have other cards that have thirty forty fifty K. on them and I'm doing fine financially you mean you mean charges on them or you mean credit limit credit limit Sir you're scaring me there I know you said that thirty thousand out on this weather fifty on that one forty on there okay good okay holes with that right right so the cards you have these two that help to build credit to either of them have an annual fee they both one is about sixty year any other ones about thirty six dollars a year which I paid monthly just transaction okay dump them right here and so you can when you call to dump them they may in turn off for you in no way annual fee card and if they don't and I want just no annual fee for one year I mean they'd give you no annual fee it radio going forward in if they don't want to do that just close it if you've got the amount of credit limit you have N. you've got the history and all that your fine did dump these starter cards with micro limits so for the for the general population out there what is your right rule of thumb you know when it's time to dump them well the annual fee is the key to your question if these had no annual fee I'd say just leave them be right because they have an annual fee they need to skip battle out of your life yes Sir thank you it's really the dividing line in it and the other key information you gave me is because you've got all these other cards you got these really big limits available on those so Europe are it's irrelevant in your credit mix and in the amount of credit you're using that you have these two older very small limit cards and that's why you can throw them overboard and not worry about it you're listening to the Clark Howard show ten fifty one cool ray carrier W. S. B. twenty four hour traffic.

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