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True. That is so true. I mean i play wherever you want. I don't care pluck your phone and play whatever okay. Because i remember every time after you play once on. You're like oh no no no one more one more. This one's great. And then i i lose complete control over the radio and you know amanda i completely believe you on this. The reason why is because you have just made me realize that i do the same thing my my kids could come in and ask me. Listen to a song and i do the same thing. I grabbed my phone. Start playing stuff for them. That i that i think they'll like better. So good now becomes a one up or ten upsmanship thing. And i'm going to change my ways. I'm not going to be a denier. i'm gonna change my ways to. I'm to start dating other people. All right well see later. Then oh girl you know what annoys you kids of my long. Do not only here. Dr scott let me play familiar with one mister johnny paycheck. Take this job and shove. I haven't heard tiga but if you heard run dmc out of my list of many. That is my three top. They were plenty more. I feel like she did like miranda from sex and the city was stephen did the good list in the bad list. You had to pros and cons together so you don't feel like my relationship isn't good. Oh man to sex in the city was a show on. Hbo then old people watched way back then. So put that play the theme song of for you later is the ace and tj. Total recall podcast. There's a new phenomenon among parents. The video game tutor. What parents have started hiring video game tutor to help their kids. The tutors run around twenty bucks an hour. They'll help you kids. Help your kids get better at games like fortnight reasons. Why because it improves their social life..

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