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Gonna checking with Beth Fisher plants for Houghton in the U. Pete to be a stop for a couple of Great Lakes cruises I'm Beth Fisher W. W. K. do this time now three thirty eight traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eighth let's go hit the roads with Katie all tips are crazy truck driver called and he said coming out of the city on I seventy five north on right after can if others now crash on your right shoulder with traffic sponsored by letterman quarter with center for orthopedics and west Bloomfield construction on I seventy five north bound from big beaver to Coolidge there is a lane closed in place until March twentieth and you slow in the zone also slow on six ninety six east bound at cousins right lane is partially blocked the exit ramp is closed with his hazmat clean up investigation until further notice through the Tripoli damn camps a senior slow on six ninety six east bound from Woodward to cousins but I have two cousins you are moving with a no delays all the way to I ninety four in pain and wanted to avoid surgery regenerative medicine has a ninety percent success rate one treatment with a certified orthopedic surgeon call letterman quarter which orthopedics in west Bloomfield for next day appointments or visit Alki orthopedics dot com in the Adil Damar group twenty four hour traffic center Katie W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty thanks Katie now the accu weather forecast with our snow week conditions expected overnight here Brian Thompson yeah winter not done with us yet Jason on the matter what the groundhog says we have snow moving in the seating it's gonna be toward the end of the evening commute I think that will start to see some of the snow spread in from the southwest I think the bulk of the snow is gonna fall tonight in very early tomorrow as you go through the day tomorrow it's it's going to be offered on snow and generally at a lighter intensity but certainly specs of snow covered roads later tonight and into the morning commute tomorrow other could be some sleet mixed in south of the city that may hold down amounts a little bit but overall general three to six inches of snow expected but money six tonight high tomorrow under thirty I still some icy spots tomorrow night with a couple of snow showers maybe even a bit of freezing drizzle low down to twenty five Friday a cold wind will have some snow or floor responsible mainly south of Detroit on your thirty a bit quieter on Saturday of factly can see some sunshine but a cold day high twenty eight mostly cloudy on Sunday with a bit of snow especially in the afternoon Sunday sign around.

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