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Out the Phillies, but, you know, other games are closed and the Phillies win like John. And, and by the way, this could become an October and. I, I guess let's say kinda hopefully is coming in October, because it means you're in it, but that was in all my years as a Phillies fan, I would say that was one of the most unique four-game may series I'd ever seen John because the roller coasters in the last four days, and in the end it's just a split. But John, that was a I mean as serious goes that was about as wacky. You can ever get may. Well, it was all over the place. It. Yeah. It sure was I, I guess the last couple series and probably should have won three by the way, they should have won three of the four games. Well, that's the problem. I mean, the fact that I guess it was Tuesday night, they win Monday Tuesday night comes around and you'll recall, that's when Gabe went to the bullpen and tried to bring Natiq up right? Knee said he wasn't warmed up. So you ended up seeing a little. To much Sarangani who got us in trouble. We ended up losing a game by a run with a walk off in the was tenth. Yeah. Jeeze they, they blend together blend together but that was certainly a game that, that we were lamenting because it felt like we had it under control. And we felt like we could put it away if you just get Nisha Cup and, and closing that thing out that swings everything. I mean if we go three and one. Yeah, that's series. We're feeling like yeah we've just been validated as.

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