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The ads with by the first six on the power play against connects nato mckinnon scored his third overtime goal the sees a give the ads bought for overtime win it was also the one hundred goal of mckinnon's career tyson berry set a franchise record for defence been with five points one goal golan four apples for berry the five goals on a powerplay tied a franchise record it's the first time since a team of the denver they scored that many in one game with the man advantage the apps are currently just outside the playoff picture in the west with sixty eight points they are three points behind the minnesota wild for these second wild spot and that brings us to tonight and the edmonton oilers the oil just beat the arabs in denver last sunday 42 convert david racked up a hattrick versus the burgundy balloon that contest when qatar doesn't score the oilers don't win edmonton is to fifteen and two in gains that mcdavid doesn't record appoint sophomore that more than gilles bring the voice the avalanche mercosur powell's edmonton tim alberta treat via diet is fantastic britain to be honest with you and i gotta i gotta tell you to talk about the big david record ed i should say the orders record would make david has a point in the game when he's feasted on the colorado avalanche this season he's got five goals in two games he's never not had a point against the apps so we'll see what happens coming up tonight the ap's got to try to slow him down the best they possibly can bite so what happened well what we're sitting there vancouver's lean the apps four to one and i'm thinking things are a little grim and then power play is just they they just i mean it was it was killing vancouver just kill them so how did they had they flip a switch on the power play tonight's go well particularly did a great job on on because started roelof first of all the alexander kirkwood is the one who drew the penalties sacrificed pick time to do it he got crosschecking the pact what facefirst into the corner boards that's not pete ticklish situation right so we absorb stay he had he draws the penalty than rated in walks to the dot he just snaps one whole beautiful apt started to feel a little bit good.

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