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Probably got his message across there. Dan, Patrick shower too on this Tuesday, Dan, Dench, Dan, Patrick show drama, the top of the draft or we hoping for drama at the top of the draft we want drama and right now feels like the insiders on lockdown. Nobody's telling you anything about what the cardinals are going to do the cardinal certainly aren't going to they don't need to. We're going to check in with the raiders because this came out yesterday, Ian Rapoport NFL network insider said on up to the minute live. That is understanding is the raiders are looking at some sort of surprise pick at number four that would necessitate absolute secrecy goes on to say, that's what I understand a pick at number four that. We're not expecting. So what that actually is. I don't know. I have some thoughts. Maybe it's Devon white. Maybe it's a quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Or if he's there maybe it's an offensive lineman. No one has mocked them. They're a tackle perhaps. But from what I understand it's a pick that should surprises at number four. All right. Well, what would surprise you? If Kyla Murray falls to number four. I'm not going to be surprised if they take him if they take a defensive player a pass rusher. I'm not going to be surprised if they taken off into Lyman. Okay. I'll be surprised if they take a defensive back. I'll be surprised if they take punter. I'll be surprised. They take a running back. Okay. I'd be surprised. If they take tight end then. All right. I'd be a little bit surprised. I don't know. What's going to be shocking? Surprising move here. Mclovin. I mean, they did take a kicker in the first round Jetta Caskey punter at number four overall. That would be a surprise. Yes. It would I would be truly surprised there. But we'll check in with a match Neiderman. He covers the raiders for the Senator say Mercury News. He'll join us coming up. All right bucks. Close out the pistons Jaanus just start to see somebody building a resume here. He's going to be the MVP. I felt that way for most of the second half of the season. But he's getting those nightly highlights, that's what you want. You may not tune into the box. But when you see some of these highlights that he has whether it's you go from one foul line to the other new take two dribbles, and you dunk you're gonna make sportscenter. And really that's how you start to carve out a career a resume. A legacy is making highlights. Now, you wanna make those highlights in the postseason because then that will make your brand even stronger because Russell Westbrook is probably going to throughout his career be a highlight guy a stat guy, but he'll have nothing to show on that resume. He'll be one of the great players of all time because we'll look at him because of the triple double that he's done L three years in a row, and you're gonna go while what a great player he was. But those who watched him when he was playing so twenty years for now and people look back on Russell Westbrook. They're going to go. Wow. He must have been really great. He was very talented. But he didn't have a team that did anything in the postseason. You know, he'll he'll be in in. You know, the NBA has players like this stats without results in Russell Westbrook will probably be a stat guy without result. They had the Golden State Warriors on the ropes. They ended up losing. And that's his closest he's probably gonna come to an NBA title. And and I do like him. I'm fascinated by them. I just I don't think he's. A playoff guy and regular season. And there's certain guys who were just built for regular season. You know this night two nights later another big night two nights later another big night. But in the playoffs it's you got one game. And then you face the same team again. And then you've got another game and then the same team, and you got to be able to figure them out because it feels like they figured you out. The blazers are saying to Russell Westbrook. Go ahead and shoot, and you know, what he's doing shooting. He's playing right into their hands. Doesn't mean Oklahoma City won't win this series. They could come back maybe they win tonight. But I look at Russell Westbrook and go he's just one of those guys who's going to be there'd be a fascination with when he's all said and done, and there are other guys. Pete marriage was like this. He was just a stat guy. But his team didn't do anything Alex English with the Denver Nuggets was a great stat guy. Dominique Wilkins was a great stat guy. But you know, he's always going up against the Celtics. He'd never got that chance play for an NBA title. You're going to have these players throughout history. It, you know, it takes Alan Iverson is one that comes to mind, but he did go to the finals in one of the worst teams that I ever saw an NBA finals. And he somehow got them there against the Lakers, and they actually wanna game. But Russell Westbrook is going to be. I think when it's all said and done a guy we look back on and go. Yeah. Talented great numbers there, and you can see why. Kevin Durant probably said, I'm not winning with this guy. And if we're gonna be measured by how many championships I'm gonna get out and go win a Cup. I'm going to cherry pick a couple of championships here. And then you know, my legacy is is sound. It's firm, and I can put my name in the hopper of, you know, one of the fifteen greatest players of all time, if Kevin Durant doesn't have any titles if he's there with Russell Westbrook. He's not going to be one of the great civil time. Now, not in not on the shortlist. Top ten and Durand may be even higher than that. When it's all said and done, and I think the media puts so much pressure on these players of winning championship. And I think Kevin Durant being sensitive is he is said, hey, you know, what I'll get a couple of titles. Lebron same way. Uncool get anybody to go to Cleveland. Lebron would not be in the conversation greatest player of all time. If you didn't have at least three titles, it just wouldn't. And we do that with Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning got that second one. But he you know, they they sort of one in spite of him, but he got the second one. If he had only one you're not going to be in the conversation greatest quarterback of all time. Dan Marino might be as good as anybody at that position. If he had two Super Bowls. We look Dan Marino whole lot differently than we do now. And it's not fair. But that's what we do. We look at your championships. Yes. Do you think that superstars like Kevin Durant though? Now after watching what has happened with LeBron. The Lakers this year are a little more hesitant to be like well, forget I'll just go out on my own and do it. Because LeBron it seemed like before if LeBron just around him with a couple of pieces and you're in the finals, and it was it was a lot easier. But now, maybe people are a little more hesitant to. Well, I just need a couple pieces and then I'm back in the finals. Well, I think Kevin Durant is looking at this going. I'm gonna get kyri to join me. I'm going to then perhaps get Zion worse case scenario job rant. If I have those pieces going in to the next season. Now, maybe I can get somebody who sees that. We're doing something different. And then you may want to join us. I think if you look at what LeBron LeBron went, I think to LA for business reasons. First and foremost, and then thought hey, got some young talent. Maybe I trade, you know, that that capital, and we get a couple of players in or I should be able to. He can't get guys to be in his movie Space Jam to let alone playing for the Lakers drafts a lot younger than LeBron was he four years younger than him that factor. Ters into LeBron the best player in the game anymore. Now, he's a great player. He's just not the best player in the game anymore. And I think the reality is starting to set in four LeBron. And also these free agents, you don't wanna get involved in that are you going to get into the same circus with Kevin Durant. You're not. And I think the players would wanna play with Kevin Durant and Kyrie before they'd wanna play with LeBron. Yeah. Polling. I was reading a couple different New York. Wet papers and stuff. And I think there's still a common belief that if they win the lottery and get Zion than everything else will fall into place with Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving I've seen that a lot her that a lot on New York sports radio shows, but when is the draft lottery in may. Kevin. Kevin durant? Still be knee deep in the playoffs and Kyrie perhaps we'll still be knee-deep into play on Tuesday may fourteenth NBA draft lot. Okay. It feels. Are they going to send you a lottery? I think Patrick Ewing is going to represent the Knicks at the lottery is that I think so I think that that he agreed to that trying to get them on Mojo Mojo or jinxing yourself to then bring David Stern back out is the Commissioner of the NBA just to do the lottery. Bring back the conspiracy theorists produce it up. Yeah. David and Oklahoma joins us. Hi, david. What do you have for me today? And what's up being.

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