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The focus of what we have today mark go all the way from portugal high marco who are you i am very well going to portugal for the first time next year i'm looking forward to it do we have now do they make madeira in the madeira islands that's what i do i love madeira it is windy cooler grave overall wonderful all right is that where you live the mature islands oh nice so what can i do for you michael holley fifty one very nice phone affect htc really knocked it out of the park with o oil graham not and clinton then pumping we we can come to mind one lord inglewood woke up and blue where do we just on the looked clean showing goodwill in amman jordan okay okay i can tell you what's going on there that's not really necessarily the phones fall the could be that the gps radio stop working we still getting the navigational stuff like when he used a map program it is due to appear to go oh catli and walk who palm ten to my look good and in total i can tell you why it's happening do you want to know why it's happening because without gps the phone has to use other means to figure out where the heck you are and one of the ways all phones do this all devices do this is they look at the wifi signals around you were maybe with a smartphone they look at the cell tower around you and they figure out where that is now that can be problematic because they basically you're using a database it says while this wi fi here this way fis here this wi fi sears so he must be roughly here or they'll say well the this carriers here so and what i suspect is happening is that your cell carrier or your internet service provider handle location in jordan and so it was making it was control inland two two another way to do it no it wouldn't be you it would be it would be wherever you know the phone being confused about location because it doesn't have that gps signal gps is not gonna make that mistake but the it's these secondary location technologies that are inevitably inadequate so that's what happens this happens to everybody i you know when i travel often have this happen if i look.

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