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W T, V N, a beaver creek has mandatory evacuation in places this morning and Greene county looks like the commissioners are gonna meet this morning to declare countywide emergency tornadoes hit the area last evening extensive damage in beaver creek. So we're keeping update on all of that, a lot of activity this morning. National weather service of first responders, people just cleaning up their own properties. We're seeing that maybe more in the Dayton area than other places, but we understand there's definitely devastation and damage south of circle Bill, this morning, asking him counties Roseville, also. And when you just kind of piece together where the warning lines go. It's easy to see that the strongest of the cells that rumbled through the state yesterday, definitely the same cell. Dell's hit Dayton skirted west Washington courthouse just to the north and then got down into the circle Bill area before it, finally dissipated, the series of warnings across the state we started at about eleven fifteen last night. Last one went out of affected about two fifteen so late night event for sure as we roll, and Scott's got more on that, as we roll the just ended Memorial Day weekend traditional start of some right? A new survey this morning from discover finds that more Americans are going to be traveling for summer vacation this year. Seventy one percent plan to do. So that's up from fifty eight percent just last year. After ten days out. John wick chapter three para bellum the highest grossing film in the series para bellum already snagged one hundred eighty one million dollars globally. It surpass chapters two's, take of one hundred seventy one and a half weekend winner, by the way, no surprise Aladdin notch. The most President Trump ended his four day state visit to Japan with stops on American and Japanese ships took place earlier today by that was still Memorial Day in the US, the President Trump praised the crew of the American assault, ship USS, wasp that was docked in Japan. He says daring and mighty warriors of the Pacific which them a Memorial Day that they won't forget earlier Trump visited a Japanese destroyer nearby with prime minister Shinzo Ave during his visit to Japan, the president and discussed issues, including trade, North.

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