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Learned in your book. That each president can designate a residents as a second residence beside the white house which will of course then qualify for secret service protection. He chose trump towers in manhattan. What special challenges did that pose. This was a security challenge that was unprecedented for the secret service. It was something that they'd never had to deal with before. And when i say deal with they can deal with a lot. They protect hundreds of foreign heads of state when they come to new york every september for the united nations general assembly. So they can handle up big assignment. they protected the pope flawlessly. But this was incredible and unprecedented because of the expense. They were protecting a fifty eight story. Tower in the busiest city in america. Manhattan also happen to be a pretty busy tourist and shopping district and they were protecting it. Basically for a three story suite that malania at the first lady and was going to continue to occupy for about half of the first year of president. Trump's presidency along with her son it was dwarfing the expense that the secret service had ever extended before. And what the secret service didn't know at the time was that malania trump chose this as a power move to better negotiate a prenuptial agreement And better her son's chances in running the trump organization after donald trump's step down so she was using this as a bargaining chip Not promising to come to washington. It ended up costing the secret service at least in that first year. Twenty six million extra dollars another big expenses presidential travel and of course every president travels a lot You know. President obama took some vacations to hawaii where he'd lived as a kid. How was donald. Trump's travel different every president. That travels is taking a small city with him wherever he goes. And you know. I wrote about president obama taking a trip to africa which featured you know a little bit of vacation and a little bit of work and the estimates for the cost of that trip in a third world country were in the tens of millions of dollars so every president is going to cost a lot of money wherever they go but what was so unusual about donald trump was. He was deciding i to travel basically every other weekend in the first part of his presidency wherever he chose to golf and the second part of that was he was travelling frequently to his own. Golf clubs in fact. I don't know of a time that he traveled to someone else's club so that travel was again just bleeding the secret service dry and cost another thirty million dollars..

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