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Game this week we have an on camera still as northwestern will host Massachusetts the Wildcats are currently one in eight for the year that they've yet to win the big ten and seven tries Indiana is heading to Penn state the ninth ranked in the lines are now a new one for the year five one of the conference thanks to last week said back to Minnesota as for Indiana Hoosiers are seven and two for the year for two in the conference and they're looking for their fourth straight big ten when the last time Indiana won four straight games you got to go all the way back to nineteen sixty seven in the end I will also be looking for his first win ever at Penn state in beaver stadium the Hoosiers are in thirteen in the and head coach Tom Allen has been very clear from the beginning is that if you don't believe then I don't want you around us you know and that's to me is a mindset that I haven't the coaching staff and players I want players I believe just like this week if you don't believe that we can go to Penn state and and and we're happy to say for the first time in program history then don't get on the bus yeah the bottom line is if you don't believe we got a chance and said doesn't just happen to be just for a certain game as for a program to Indiana coach Tom Allen now way from game action this week the big ten lost one of its greatest receivers of all time with the passing of Michigan state's Charles Rogers in two thousand two he won the blood in the car of ward and honor that goes and lead to the nation's top receiver even though he only played two seasons for the green white he is so M. issues all time leader in touchdown catches and he also owns Michigan state single season mark for receiving yards MSU coach mark Dantonio you know the year that he set out here that was his freshman year and he he was able to practice you know we played against every day so big tall guy ten one five hundred meter time ten one five and is about six foot two about a hundred seventy five hundred eighty pounds it's time when he came in here and great hands and and great tough to simply with great motor great effort the ten one five that's that's serious business once again to the Rogers family we extend our deepest sympathies Saunders it's a tragic event for someone to pass so young in his life and but he had great moments here Michigan state one of his great moments in Michigan state if not the greatest came on September twenty eighth in two thousand two against northwestern cannot online not to the right.

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