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Facebook is no stranger to regulatory scrutiny. Under the microscope again this time over the potential mental health impact. It's platforms including instagram. Have on children gordon chang. The we charge me as social me. Reporter queenie wong welcome queenie. Thank you for having me. It's been quite another hectic week for facebook. it has indeed i. Facebook has as is no stranger to appearing before congress over and over again and it was back at it this week. tuggle about that and serve. Who testified and what really prompted this this latest session. So what was interesting about. This hearing is that it wasn't mark zuckerberg who appeared it. Wasn't adam missouri. Who's the instagram ceo. But it was antigone davis who's facebook global head of safety and she really sort of draw upon the fact that she was a former teacher that she's been a teenage girl herself that she's also parent and this hearing really stemmed from these leaked documents being provided to the wall street journal and one story that really resonated with lawmakers from both parties is an article about how instagram knew that their product is the headline said talk sick for teenage girls And it cited a bunch of data. It talked about how teenagers go on instagram. They feel a certain percentage of them feel worse about their body image they see content about eating disorders There some of them actually link there they say their thoughts of suicide started on instagram. So after that report came out a senate subcommittee said they would be holding the tech company accountable And so they're hearing starting these series of hearings to think about legislation. And that's kind of wearing all sort of kicked off got in you described. The session is heated at time. So i don't know if you could talk a little bit about what that back and forth look like we you know what the senate was grilling facebook on and what facebook said about all this so facebook has has sort of pushed back against the characterization of the research. There are several times during the hearing. Where antigone davis said this is not bomb bomb shell research. This is not causal research and we strongly disagree with the wall street journal's characterization and.

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