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Factory. Notice. Your best guess as base eliminator. Can I can I get it? Elevator space elevated assays. I don't think it's not based. Inexact guest that might be. Yes. It's possible feasible. It seems possible. I don't know about feasible when do you think we might see one in action? I think that as I understand it the limitations have to do with materials constraints right now and the strength of the material. So last I heard they were going on carbon-fiber that could support its own weight up to the lower orbit. But I don't know how that's going is it like a thing used for like this spaceships life launch to that elevator. It'll be repeating space elevator to space to space Scher do face. You'd like to have a space elevator. No. I think I might die. On the space station or something like that takes you to from the bridge to engineering or something something. Maybe something that launches into space. Cool. All right. So it sounds like a lot of people overheard. What a space elevator is someone said that it was like the the one charleena chocolate factory. Those agreements are of losing people think on their feet. They're like having heard that what could it be? Like, I heard these words before the base and elevator is an elevator. That uses base takes space or an elevator. In-space those with my favorite sort of like Star Trek when you go from like the bridge to engineering that uses an elevator. Right. So people thought from first principles that might be an elevator to space one of the guys we interviewed happens to be a professor of earth system science. And so he was very knowledgeable about the topic as you can hear. Oh, I see. He was a ringer was definitely a ringer. Yeah. He really elevated the the topic here. That's right before we dive in. Let's take a short break. Hi, this is Daniel from Daniel and Jorges explain the universe. We have so many unanswered questions about the universe. 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Remember, the great courses plus dot com slash universe. I hope you enjoy it. All right. It's jump into Daniel. So what is a space elevator? The space elevator is to avoid having to do the rocket lift, right? And instead of having to push yourself up out of verse gravity and every time you're pushing yourself out of earth, gravity doing two things. First, you're keeping yourself up and second you're lifting yourself up. So for example, say you're like, you know, five hundred feet above the earth, and you just wanna hover you don't wanna go anywhere any higher even that just that takes energy right to continually push yourself up. Yeah. So imagine if instead you could just climb a ladder. Right. There's like a ladder to space. Then when you want to take a break, you could stop right, and you could rest in the latter would support you the latter would provide that essentially the counterbalancing force against gravity to keep you up while you rested. And then the rest of your climb, right? Oh, literally, just hang out. Exactly. Hang out in space. Yeah. So if you build a ladder to space, then that would save a lot of that energy, right? The other idea is avoid carrying all your energy with you. Right. The rocket as we were saying earlier the big problem with the rocket is you have to carry the fuel. And then the fuel to care the fuel in the fuel to care the fuel and all that stuff. If you could somehow, you know, get the energy from the ground as you're climbing, you know, like people like throwing you, you know, candy bars as you're climbing the ladder, then you wouldn't have to carry all those candy bars with. D of space elevator is build something. You can climb and send the energy up to the the car. That climbs the climb the elevator. While it's on the ways that doesn't have to carry it all like the like a real elevator in a building. Like, you get the power for mid you. Don't carry all the gasoline to power. The elevator Ige's comes to youth through the cables attached to the elevator. Right. That's right. This would be a slightly different structure because an elevator in building is usually like tach to the cable, and then there's an engine at the top that pulling on the cable or something. So the basic idea here is a huge cable Utada into the ground on earth. And then you lift the other end all the way up into space and attach it to something in space. So the idea that earlier or six year old Lhasa wing the moon. That's basically the idea is like ties during between the earth and something in space while I think the basic basic ideas is to build something permit. You know, nodded Rocketi's once and then throw it away. But like build a structure something like link between earth and space, and then just climb that every time you wanna go into space. Exactly. Yeah. And so then it's reusable, and you don't have to carry all the fuel with you talk in detail about how you can accomplish that. And you can take breaks. Right. You don't have to provide the the hovering lift as well as the climbing lift so there's a lot of possible advantages if you can build that kind of structure, you can just hang on. Yeah. Exactly. You can just hang on you can like clamp onto the rope. Or whatever to prevent yourself from falling rocket can't do that. Right. Has nothing to hang hang onto the air around the push against when I first heard about the concept of space elevator. I thought like how the Rove's gonna stay up. Right. I mean, if you if you take a long rope and just like throw the end into the sky it falls down right weight like stays up in the sky. How does that even work? Right. Well, you're assuming that it looks like a row, right? Like, a like a this elevator could take different forms like it could be just one rope that goes off into Infinity like Jack and the beanstalk or it could be what if he just built a really really tall tower? Like if used the, you know, the Berkeley fan. In dubai. What if you could keep building that up into space? What would happen then with the bottom of the tower? We get crushed right? The the problem with building something up from the ground and not having to be pulled from outer space. So that's the key space. Elevators that you build it. So so long so high and the Roku so far that it's basically getting pulled from space. We'll talk about that in a moment. But the problem with building a tower. It's basically a compression structure every layer sits on top of the previous layer. And the next layer sits on top of that. And by the time, you get to, you know, really really tall. The bottom layer is supporting the entire structure, right and has to be super strong or super wide or committed a crazy materials to go anywhere close to the distance of space to have this thing be really light. So we can get height without having a lot of weight. They pertained cleats possible. Is it is it possible to just build a giant pyramid? That's really really tall. Is it possible? I mean. Mount Everest is a giant pyramid. That's pretty pretty tall. But build it. You know? These things have to get pretty wide in order to support all that weight. Eventually. Yeah. Maybe you could build the tower babble into space. But I think it's as as difficult space. Elevators are a space tower would be even more difficult. I see. All right. Yeah. The space elevator has the advantage that the top of the rope is so far out into space that it pulls on the rope. Okay. Yeah. I just think maybe we're jumping ahead. Right. Because maybe some people think it's an elevator. So you it means that there's an elevator shaft that takes all the way up. You're saying that the primary way that this might work is using a cable. Yes, exactly it has to be cable. You can't just build a building. That goes all the way up into space that has to have something the top of it that so far into space that it's a basically skip the earth's gravity and his pulling pulling whatever it is up to. That's that's is that the prevailing idea that this this way, it could work maybe like days, it's it's not a elevator shafter tower. It's a it's like a string, basically your ties threat to earth. And you swing around something really heavy out into space that keeps the rope that string intention. Yeah. Exactly. And then maybe you can use it. Maybe you can climb that rope intention that row up into space. Yeah. Exactly, you attach a string from the ground to something up in space, and that thing up in spaces pulling on the string keeping it up. And then. Yeah, then you just climb up that Rupe? So it's more like a space ladder than a space elevator. If. Wanna think about it that way? Yeah. Marcus base a space cable. Space fire pole, right? But then you would ride an elevator. Like, you would be you would wait you wouldn't climate been Behan would be inside of an elevator like structure that then climbs up the rope or the you'd have to be crazy strong to clone by hand, the basic components are stationed on the ground the cable that goes up some counter rate up in space to keep it up. And then you have something that climbs some like car or some device, the basically crawls up Roope, the thing that climbs the ladder for you and the sloops its way up the room. So this is the basic components. Yeah.

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