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The way to work and then we would meet in the morning to actually just have a moment of election to think about what she had shared with us and in her book. I know she mentioned. There is a quote that i loved which was our world is abundant with quiet hidden. Lives of beauty and courage and goodness and i think the gap between she talks about the gap between who we are and who we want to be and i think this life of conversation that she has been living and breathing so beautifully it's just a gift to all of us so krista thank you for being here with us today. Thanks so i was at this gathering a year ago. Where was that in new york. Yes and it's so great to be back. And i feel there's so many i i feel very held in this room and i. I was so impressed with this group and so many women. I met people whose faces i recognize again. People whose names i didn't learn but it's wonderful to be here. It's wonderful to be here with two women. I so admire and have just been looking for the right opportunity to to to get them on the show and this just felt like it. And i think there was going to be a big dazzling introduction of them because they are both forces of nature and i'm just i don't wanna spend a lot of time going through their exhausted exhaustive bio so they're in the program but abby wambach olympian olympian champion s. Soccer player. Now retired from that. Which we're going to get to that because that's kind of. We're a very bizarre. And you're starting a business and a force in the world. Glennon doyle author. I don't even know how describing of the things you talk about now is yourself as a radical philanthropist. Is that right. I think sister made that one. Okay sounds good. Yeah that's what we do so we'll get to all of this. I i if you listen to on being you know that i i have a question that began most conversations with and it is a i asked somebody to start talking about How they would begin to describe the religious or spiritual background of their childhood and I wasn't going to do that today. Because we have a theme for this for this gathering and for this hour which is about courage then agian glennon both told me that there really disappointed. Because we're were ready to answer this listening to podcasts. And lynch is actually a magical question for almost any gathering because everybody has a story sometimes that stories about the absence rather than the presence of something but also. I think that that part of our lives is where a lot of questions reside that we actually end up picking up and following all of our lives so you can answer whatever question you went to but what i what i think to focus a lens on courage and i think this is probably wrapped up in whatever is religious and spiritual in in that childhood in that earliest life. You know what you learned internalized about courage in your childhood. I think it's a really important question. Because there's so many different ways you can define courage and for me and there's no such thing as fearlessness. Courage is the presence of fear and going anyway. And i think for me as a little kid i was the youngest seven children All kind of answer. The question that i was prepared for i was in indoctrinating catholic. And i grew up in a huge irish catholic family the youngest and all very accomplished athletes and people brothers and sisters were so i had a lot of living up to do throughout my life and i looked up to them and i think that because of my need to impress and to get attention i found myself being more courageous than maybe the average two year old. I was jumping off the diving board and riding the bicycle. Even though i couldn't touch the pedals yet. I got myself on the bicycle seat and went down the driveway. Not touching anything. I was just holding on. I hope and you can imagine and so i think that for me. I had a wonderful childhood in a lot of ways we can. We can decipher all the problems that happened in our childhood but they those problems are two part of what makes us who we are and the resilience that i learned in through courage. I i mean i. I have had a lot of opportunity in my life to exude courage and to be on the national team in play for team. Usa for so many years a shoulder a lot of responsibility for the the wins and the losses of our team. And i think that you know my younger years really helped me develop that muscle of courage because it is a muscle. It's like any other thing that you have to actually work it out to grow it like running like leg. Muscles scourges actually muscle for me. I just recently heard this definition of courage that resonated with me so much that i brought it to the dinner table with my family and made everyone listened to it. I do that all the time. Actually but also yeah. My family loves reading passages with me at dinner. Easel comes out all comes out so much to live in our family. But it just said courage is not being afraid of yourself and i resonated with that so deeply because i feel like my entire life has been a journey to try to stop trusting every other voice on earth and start getting still enough to listen for my self you know..

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