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Just like your name and address and solve my top twenty seven one is key to Y. FM HD one **** rapids Saint Paul Minneapolis five minutes ago this is a and everything entertainment update heard at the top of every hour on my talk one of seven one so what is new in your world all right just in a little more Oscar gossip for you this afternoon according to sources at the British tabloid magazine prince Harry and Megan Markel were offered the position of giving out the Best Picture Oscar at last night's telecast sources tell hello magazine that the former Royals were asked to present the award for Best Picture and added that Hey Megan Markel were honored by the request but declined the invitation I wonder if that's one of those like I'm representing prince Harry and Meghan Markle give me your offers and I will take them to their yeah like somebody said you know let's do this thing knowing full well that wasn't going to happen just to get attention I'm saying nobody's ever done anything like that we can ever never never speaking of Meghan Markle and prince Harry apparently they're not quite finished with the royal duties just yet even though what your twelve yeah Judy if okay the queen Queen Elizabeth has requested the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for the Commonwealth service at Westminster Abbey on Monday March ninth this according to the Sunday times and Megan and Kerry are expected to attend with Archie for a final round of official in gave gauge mints the service marks Commonwealth day no prince here in Macon Markel Colleen you were gone for this on Friday but they have been out and about they gave the keynote speech at JP Morgan's alternative investment summits in Miami last Thursday evening yep while they co headlined here making the big Bucks for saying and finally Janet Jackson has a new album and tour to talk about the album and tour will be called black diamond well the album will be released at some point this year tour dates have already been revealed and she is not coming to the one that's actually surprising I think I can be limited I'm surprised states yeah I saw extensive she's just not coming to Minneapolis as with yeah and hopefully she'll reconsider I was going to go anyway fire I mean I probably wasn't going to yeah has it on this tour is that there's going to be a special thirtieth anniversary tribute to Janet Jackson's rhythm nation eighteen fourteen help all so would be really fun and you don't get to see it kind of hurt yeah the door we have this hour for what you go by talk what is seven one dot com for download by talk out good stuff is stuff.

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