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Introducing a lot of utilities here at the L A auto show, Jeff Gilbert, CBS news, Los Angeles. Good news. Finally about that wildfire in northern California. That's killed at least eighty eight people. No new bodies have been found for three days. And the number of missing is just below two hundred. This is CBS news, zoom video conferencing, featuring video and audio clarity with screen sharing. Free. Accounts are available at zoom dot US that zoom dot US zoom video conferencing. Sixty degrees at nine three. I'm Steven Pickering on NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD Frisco. Police are warning residents about an aggressive. Coyote, that's been roaming the streets. KRLD's? Austin York has the latest police say there have been several incidents that have them concern. Belated happened this morning in the area of Eldorado Parkway and Rogers road, there was an aggressive Cody in the area while she was jogging and it attacked her. And then she went to the hospital with injuries currently in stable condition officer James Willis's, there have been three other incidents in the same general area while not as severe that have involved coyotes and a stocking and or aggressive manner. He says animal control is in the process of trying to capture the Coyote in the meantime, Willis suggest not walking with small animals, unless they're on a leash and if you're jogging in the area, make sure you bring an air horn or whistle to scare off an animal if need be Austin York, NewsRadio ten eighty care will d Carrollton man is indicted for. Filming a teenage boy taking a shower, according to the US attorney's office in September, a teenager told school officials. He believed that forty nine year old Joseph mosier secretly filmed him in the bathroom of Motors home Carrollton. Police searched the man's home and found several hidden cameras and videos with footage of males captured on tape in private spaces in the home. The US attorney's office is asking that any miners who may have had contact with Moore, then contact them if convicted motor faces fifteen to thirty years behind bars a federal judge in Nebraska dismisses a lawsuit by buggies. The Texas convenience store chain against an identically pronounced convenience store chain Nebraska last year. Buck ease with two ease sued buggies, b u c k y VS in federal court after that Nebraska company announced plans to open stores in the Houston area. The Omaha world herald reports a judge in Nebraska dismissed that lawsuit. Earlier this month, the two chains dispute dates back more than a decade as part of a settlement in two thousand eight the Nebraska bucket. Is negotiated. The ability to expand without being sued that played a role in a favorable ruling for the Nebraska bookies earlier this year..

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