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If I'm gonna play that number six if Fred it seems a little high every game has been five or less so far is that right? I mean, I take. I take Houston and the points. But I think Ron state's gonna win. That's the play in the series. Houston is three and one against the number in the series. How about the where they bucks are laying nine close out Boston, you know, after Wayne home. Yeah. They're in Milwaukee carrier walked off the court in the last game. Just kind of the kind of blase, you know, just kinda walks off into the game. I think this whole Boston team is kinda ready to put this thing to an Anthony. Yeah, I sort of feel the same way. Like the after the way they finished those last two games in Boston at home. I feel like if you're playing that it's the bucks tonight. But then part of me goes whatever Kyra goes out and drops forty it which is very capable. And that's the one thing that's giving me pause on that. I I think box in minus the points is the play. But what if he goes out and has an absolute monitors thing if Milwaukee wins winning by two doesn't matter. They win by two. They still haven't correct. Yeah. That's very true. True, like they're advancing even if they win by one or if they win by eleven the motivation is what will Boston be capable of tonight. But I kind of with our minds, I kind of agree with the way, you summed it up there. I feel like the way they played in Boston. Just the general sense you watch that team is they're ready for it to be over. And when you must drop an effort on the road like going to New York being in Madison Square Garden, it's seizure to muster up the effort. As a new arena. Coached in that. Walkie. Fran in say been there you stay the miss. I should say you stand hotel downtown. That'd be careful or the Mr. fister haunted. They say every hotels, but I kind of think you're right. You're that the Celtics are just done and that the bucks put him away tonight. But they still have talent. What if Tatum as begin one of Cairo's monster me because but their effort defensively they could throw up some numbers, but he shooting like eight at twenty two seven to twenty two in these games. It's like he doesn't make them better aids. A sixteen of twenty two. Make something happen for that. But he's capable. We've seen them doing laugh gas. Yeah. Any usually follows up a bad performance with a really good one. That's normally what he does in the playoffs. So that's the only thing I'd say if you're looking for some angles for tonight, I think the players the bucks, but it's a big number. So careful by the way, five years ago today the Cleveland Browns select Johnny Manziel. Say that. Well, they have as one of these. One was that one of the Chicago drafts. I don't think five years ago was was it. Maybe you're right. Maybe that was the first one here. Could that would have been twenty fourteen that sound right to hear Philadelphia? Where was the other one was there? There was an Alice. Yeah. Dallas. Yeah. In the first. So there you go. Has a wonderful just fascination with Johnny Manziel. I know it's ridiculous since he busted out of the league. I mean, it's our company and everything. What's the point of? Celebrating anniversaries field. I mean story right? How historic Johnny man sells not how exactly is remembering the day. Johnny Menzel guys. He's the greatest bus and Avella history is not Bosworth abso Abbasi was a supplemental draft. How manage manage played more than Johnny Manziel ever dream church at least played I mean, listen also made a comeback with the Indianapolis Colts player. Yeah. Draft until the twenties. There had to be somebody heireann first-round pick with a lot of hoopla kind of like he brought his own show with them. He built himself up so much rickety rickety foundation that when it ended up coming down you couldn't help. But laugh kind of like Mandarich I mean who was the kid from Iowa Robert gallery, but he ended up playing for a long time as a guard. I mean it's a big bus attack gallery. Played for about seventy what about jamarcus Russell wouldn't. He right. Right. Leaf is Smith. You don't remember Tom Cruise? No. Tom. Cruise knows awful Ohio State came back to the United States. I went to follow right? Tom kuzina. Linebacker. Yeah. Menzel is probably up there. Jamarcus? Russell might get my vote. I'm trying to think there's probably a running back or to. I mean, look the bears had a running back, and courtesy NS for crying out loud. John Carter could John Carter. Now. Unfortunately that kid couldn't stay healthy. You know, you wonder but yet John? So the question is a player that gets injured. That's a good question about like is Mark Pryor of boss was Jay Williams of the bulls a bust. I said that and he called I what do you mean? A boston. Like, dude you couldn't play. Yeah. I because of a poor individual decision, right? Wasn't somebody else's decisions? That like it's not like what sort? I'm looking for Bobby Hurley gets in a car accident. Right. You get nailed by somebody else. Get shot and killed right? For the shot and killed. You know, that's what happened did that to himself. Unfortunately, decide to get on a motorcycle Jada side to get an accident. We were talking about that recently. And I mentioned prior and somebody a tweet right away. Like, you can't call that a Boston a guy gets hurt. And like, I guess I see the point because he just he kept getting hurt after that. Yeah. Okay. So there's one if Greg Oden bust how can Mark Pryor nappy about because Martin and pitch to the NFL CS he flamed out too quickly now, but he did win eighteen bogging where a lot of caveats on this. I I guess there's some nuance to the conversation. I I get what you're saying. The time buses Larue Martin the remarkable number one pick. Yeah. I characterize a bust as a guy who is able to play and couldn't play. Even though availabilities a part of the equation to me if a guy is injured or has a catastrophic something happened to them off off the court off, the ice, whatever. So then we can't put out in there like to pets. Probably right. Like a guy who was able to play. But because of whatever reason not enough, Dr not enough work ethic. Winter whites a bust. Kevin white is he? David, terrell. I'd say it's a boss. I don't know about Kevin white. It's injury currency Pinas. Yes. Without a doubt Eddy curry bossed. Yes. And he just didn't have the work ethic. That was required to be a great player. Great. That's a boss. But if we're gonna take injury out of it. Then all of a sudden you start eliminating a lot of guys then you can't call. I mean, I think all of us would say Kevin whites and bus. But if we're really digging into this. And if it's nuanced he was hurt, but he was housing shared. He couldn't get because he wasn't good enough. That point. I mean, he's toast. Let's face it. Now, he might have been a bust anyway, he signed Zona. I don't remember actually who's that. Kevin white. You know, I don't know. Did he sat all I did he signed somewhat Arizona car. I know he signed with someone whether he did or zone. I don't know. I will let you know about Cousteau you said Buffalo Bills the Buffalo Bills drafted him. He never played for the Buffalo Bills. Art Modell after he had played in Canada traded for his rights got them. And they traded the fourteenth pick overall nineteen Eighty-three the Buffalo Bills turned Tom Cruise. No the bus from Canada. Jim kelly. Worked work by them. Yeah. You're right. Yeah. Yeah. That worked out for the Buffalo Bills though. So that's the origin of where that came from. How about last night? We the first time in Stanley Cup playoff history. Where three game sevens. Go to overtime amaze multiple overtimes last night in Saint Louis or a game. And even Randy merkin was watching the cubs game. Yeah. See why don't you just give it a shot? Merck. Doesn't have to be a game seven with great, right? Fabulous is great. I couldn't believe how many shots on goal Saint Louis head. It was unbelievable felt like Dallas was going to steal one because Dallas got dominated. But. Shots. Call the second and third period. Downloadable and my ship was standing on his head. And you thought something flu is going to happen here where Dallas is a fluky bounces gonna have kings against the black and Dallas is gonna get a puck on somebody stick right in front of the net. And the goal is going to be out of it. Like something to go from earlier in the game. It gets running around. It's the referee. Zuccarelli puts it into net. So goaltenders looking at the guy on the right doesn't see the guy from the lake grabs the puck and throws by show. I kept thinking that it's going to be another heartbreak up for the Saint Louis blues because they certainly dominated Dallas last night. He cares about Patrick. Maroon CEOs is own now. I can that in. I thought Thomas scored I thought it was such a wicked shot. It went in and out off the. Yeah. And fell down and see the reaction Maroons kid what Marrone Johnny on the spot. Patrick maroon. I didn't see he's ten years old. He was crying trick. Maroon. Yes. Sure is the kids white crying good for him. Emotion. Good hockey player from Saint Louis make it one of our may Bishop. Synthesis. Michigan. We got one of our leg lamps today. So we're going to take a picture out. I saw I saw guys from Joe's just walking in to Trump. You wanna do man? That's the way it works. Some understanding. Oh, it's so good Meller there with his wife on Saturday. I I haven't been in a while. I gotta get I was there over the holidays with a big buddy best breadbasket going. I mean. They got the best stone crab. Got boating. Got bone in fillet that melts in your mouth. They got the best pies and town of Merck and talks about the bread. Handbag in their stuff. And can we get more mercy? For the next three weeks bat here put the Parker house roles in your purse. No, I don't. Bag. I don't take the little things that catch manny's. No wife lines her bell ziplock. Unreal. The breadbasket is what he's talking about the large purse. I'm an merkin only Merck. Well, we got pies we should take one upstairs, we should tie. Danny. We should like hog time. Just in case she doesn't drink soda. You know, whatever's in front of him, he brings the plastic container. He could take it out with them. I really the matter with you merkin supply nothing goes away. She could say that goes ways. That's true. Danny should have you on as a guest on the armchair nutritionist to his frigging? This is the before. The one eighty opposite. He's the nutritional anomaly guy that eats nothing but sugar all day. And it's. But just because you're thin doesn't mean you're healthy. It came back. All good. You're. Fix. How's your tradition? Your glucose levels. You're a miracle Merck. I take care of. Kid grilled yells might be a little bit up there. Aren't you? Leave your LDL's yourself this show that so much of it is genetic and that's reality. Sometimes no matter how hard you try no matter how well you eat tragedy could still happen to seemingly totally healthy people. In the meantime, guys like work to pound a sugar and candy every who lived one hundred one eight know who the hell knows why nobody knows. Yeah. Unbelievable. People smoke a pack a day for seventy years. They lived to be ninety five eighty years. They smoke a pack a day and nothing, no cancer. Nothing. Then meantime, healthy third year old gets cancer. It's terrible. Who knows why the world's crazy? What can you say that? I agree with it's crazy world, man. Crazy life that we're. It's it's who the hell knows. Who knows you're talking to one of my favorites on your show today? JJ love PJ tonight, show them out. Oh. Unfunny, and it's been a long time since he Latrell, and I think those two even made up they might have. Of course, he used to be a guest than I in the enemy when the Spurs would rolling term. He was on. We'll try. Does free while the choke? The Trump Lucas Jualita is going to join us. He was great last night. And I wish she could do that all the time. Jesse join us. I think Jesse is gonna join us in studio. He's got some he said, I'll be gone by them, buddy. All right. Buddy. Yeah. So we're talking hoops. We're talking SOX and cubs from last night Bryant back up, and that's another thing. We gotta beat up merkin over. He spent the first three weeks of the season on our group techs Shane talking about Kris Bryant done. They can never pay him. He's done. I'm like Merck. Just stop. He's one of the game's best players. He's fine. Don't worry about it. I didn't see anything after the three run Homer last night Merck. Always. Homerun was watching hockey hockey murky bad about twenty one percent of your hot takes on that those eighteen percents..

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