Joe Van, Jesse, Donald Trump discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder - 1656 - Is the Whole Conservative Movement Alt-Right?


I you know i mentioned this yesterday but joe van tests a painting that we would hear this from the right and we have uh from the most base of spokespeople for the right jesse waters who oddly enough ms very surprising met saying that he is i'm just saying that he really does fit the profile of a lot of these guys who are marching right college why thinks that it's comedy to go down to uh chinatown and interview people who don't speak english and when they're called out on it for being a hacche racist lame segment gets really aggrieved emotional theories has a plum position in life even though he is absolutely no talent fits there's a lot of agreement associated with this and a lot of people had to sexually harrass a lot of other people for jesse waters to get to where he is today but here he is taking issue with all of the insistence that donald trump actually address the neonazis who rallied and clansman who rallied in the white supremacists who rallied ending in the death of at least one person and the injuries of of 35 others and not to mention the the two state troopers uh who went down the helicopter um because they were dealing with this protest but but the direct the direct line between the deaths of this woman and an the white supremacists but here's jesse waters nsa people who don't like donald trump saying islamic terrorism are urging him now to say white supremacists up her party who called islamic ter out of it now.

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