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To trending today usa i'm tom hinchey welcome back in the break republican lawmakers have told bolton national companies they are prepared to resolve their concerns about international tax issues as the party races to finalize the most sweeping package of reforms and thirty years discuss ince's ross marchand he is a secondyear master's student the department of economics at george mason university and associate fellow of the our street institute ross welcomed a trending today usa how are you today to clarify apparently the policydirector the taxpayers protection alliance oh loko let me good we're all without identifying at rooting out waste is the federal and state and local level and this tax reform obviously a big deal for us because it really fit in nicely with the goal to shrink government and make sure that regular citizens have more money in their pocket and more responsibility is handed over to the private sector and to ordinary so this than unless responsibility and taxing power allocated to the federal government what's important work that you do over there ross announced reshape them extra clarifying your titled there as well is congress can emerge both versions of the tax reform bill from both the house and the senate and they could put it into one the currently working on compromise legislation and it's difficult to predict which parts of their respective senate and house proposals we'll be melted in the compromise package but overall we you know that there will be steep reductions in the corporate rate and individual rates across the board okay what our american business owners worried about concerning corporate debt i would say that they're worried about having that policy certain teat it's necessary to hire workers and to increase wages uh we do you have this sustained economic recovery but with so many problems gripping government and so much congressional and action on it's difficult to know what the tax and regulatory environment is going to look like in five years and ten years and in particular and we have an immensely complicated tax code that's really getting in the way the innovation and job creation and has been getting in the way of those things for the past 30 years so i think that tax reform represents a milestone at ten to clear the.

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