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If you are more incumbent Aubrey town and you're on a budget, maybe if you're a backpacker or a budget tourist. The. Hotel that I. Kind of uses my Go-to is called V. in guesthouse. It's walking distance from the train station it also faces West. is nothing fancy, but it is a flooding River Hotel and It's about twelve dollars per night. So you're getting very basic, very basic accommodations, but it is beautiful and it still looks out west and you can still see the sunset just as well from there as you could at the fancy hotel. Actually another hotel that I would recommend if you are into nature especially if you're into nature, but you don't want to really do camping, you can try glancing which is getting more popular in Thailand sure and one of the famous resorts is called the Hint Talk River camp and it's close to the Hellfire Pass. So you can stay in a fancy tint with all of the luxury accommodations that you're used to but. You can still say that you've been camping and it's probably the equivalent of sixty to seventy USD per night I i. Guess Excellent. Now, we talked about food and we're going to go down to the night market I assume is there any other place that you would recommend that we go for the Best Food Experience Continental Albery? Well, if you're if you're like me and you love a buffet, there's a really good buffet. Just, kind of beneath the bridge. and. If you're only in. Thailand. For a very short time and you want to sample lots of Thai food and kind of compare it. I would say it's a decent place to go because it's cheap and it's pretty good but it's not going to be the most authentic food I'm assuming this is tied buffet and not a Swedish. Mortgage. Board. Yes, you're right. But it's not going to be the most. Typhoon Food because it does cater more to tourists honestly, I would say stick to the night market if you want to try to really authentic food..

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