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I'm your host Dan Blewett I'm here remotely we've got an awesome yesterday and of for, of course, all enters my co-host i. Robert Stevens Future Mayor of Chicago is ear our bobby. I'm good. These last two guests are making me question my school background. Yes it's GonNa get even rougher today I think, and then our guest today Barton Smith. Professor from Utah State, university. Barton. How are you? I'm good. Thanks for having me. So if you're new door show, we a fun twitter threat after Al Nathan's episode, which was our previous episode. Barton were chatting a bunch read some of his work in the past about He works in aerodynamics and has a Canon where he's shooting baseball's out all day and testing spin and it's pretty fascinating stops. We were talking about the cutter and got done a pretty long rabbit hole decide. Let's talk about this on the show and I. Think one of the things that unites us is we don't really know what's going with cutters. They're fascinating `Nigma. So Barton, how did you get into baseball aerodynamics? it's funny 'cause it's comfort just this morning that Mike Kid Pitches she was about nine or ten in somebody's talking to him about two cm best balls. And I asked the question which you would think everybody knows the answer to the difference between the two seamen or team and a I've been chasing that stupid question ever. Since we fired A to seamen forcing him out fishing machine and I would encourage everybody to do this. If you have a pitching machine that's at consistent and you'll see that they do the exact same thing. There is no notation between them at all which that. Got Me started and. I've. Gone, back and forth about this many many times since then. But Just like I said, simple questions if think everybody knows the answer to that. You can really find a very deep. So let me talk about that because that kind of broke my brain right off the bat. You saying. Two seamers don't do anything different compared to a four seamers. Correct. Not If you put them in a pitching machine because I, I probably should have made this decision pitching machines are hundred percent efficient and. There's only two machines I know of in the world project on brand new machine coming out of Toronto, which I think everybody's going to hear about soon and I'll give it a shot into this guy's amazing. Sheen can put Giren ball and the Russian state has learned that can do that to. Our use it once. But the that's a very rare commodity anything wheels that you normally see an end, the cannon we have hundred efficient. So seems to the seem effects that cost to seamers to be different. I think happen when you impart a little bit gyro to the ball and when you throw a less than a perfect spinning fastball. So if you drilled a hole and spun a four seamer and you drill the same hole through two seamer, any through them, both they're gonNA go they're gonNa do the same thing. That's really interesting. So basically what we could say that is that two seamers essentially capitalizing on human error in in a good way is at a reasonable with. That is a good way to put it. But if you took that same error including four steam, it wouldn't have the same effect. Yeah. That's true. Yeah. We've. We talking about? Like if you hold it as a four seam griffin and you hold it as a Traditional to seem grip in and throw it in a vacuum. They'll neither one will do anything other than the state straight not vacuum that the the important point is that have here's my to seem all. That is perfectly efficient if I throw it so that this ride stays indicative timmy as it goes in a in a way for me read, t seem enforcing the same. Cuts gyro. Then all bets are off in a lot of things can happen. Okay. So there are so the pitches themselves are different pitches. When pitchers thrown I'm just trying to wrap my head around because I've seen some balls that I care unhittable. pitchers. And I'm trying to. You that what's happening is they do they had puts gyro on it and and and then it's doing something different. So and I think this is all about to become really apparent it's GonNa. Bust Open just telling Dan earlier. Tom. Tango put some data out on twitter this morning or last night late last night. Shows this for my us? and. So I think now that we know how to look at it's going to be really honest. And that's just starting. But the important point is that there was a caveat putting their load, the balls into a pitching machine, and they're going to be the same with that houses lacking into one hundred percent efficiency. Gyro and then the same. So let me back you up a little bit because you've already mentioned at least one word that I'm sure some percentage of my audience doesn't really know what that means which Gyro can you give us a brief overview imagine that I'm a twelve year old and bobbies in eight year old because I think that would represent our are split here. Too early for that Dan. explained the key the key components of what makes baseball's move or not move. Space to do it. So it refer. Now let's not worry about the orientation is seen, but that's not worry about that because those balls fans if if this ball is coming towards unite through it. That's a that's a fastball studying backwards. And that's going to generate force that way because what we come SPEC..

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