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Spend fifty are senior spend fifty minutes a day in college readiness. The first part of that year that's about applying for college. The second part of the year. That's about applying for financial aid applying for scholarships. We work really hard with the families to make sure the fast food is in. So we can do this. They have to work at it. And then the other thing is because most of our students are residents of Detroit they can qualify for the Detroit promise, and that can be a a great financial incentive. Whether they're the two year school or a four year school, but the cost of a of college education is is daunting for everyone, including our students. All right. I got about thirty seconds left. Is there a religious requirement for attending Cristo Rey. So you don't have to be Catholic to come to our school. We welcome students of all faiths, but we. Are a Catholic school our students take theology for the four years that they're here. And I think it's really important for me that our students understand the value of faith in their life when they graduate. Well, good for you for standing behind that principle and the and Billy being well, obviously it works. If you've got eight straight years of a one hundred percent graduation rate and college acceptance for these kids, that's just unbelievable Mike join us again with more updates on what you're doing. Okay. We'd love to hear more. All right. Great takes ranks opportunity. Thank you for being on it again. Congratulations. All right. Thanks, mike. Corey the president of Detroit Cristo Rey high school. What a story. Let's check WJR's traffic and weather first on the fives. And we've got.

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