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Broken hockey sticks He bring to the the canadian school for the blind and those kids would make furniture out of them. He's that guy he he was such like a like. You know always a better wasn't great furniture you know. I'm just saying you know the broken hockey sticks. And they're blind people. You good can furniture be your separating surprisingly well. I haven't when he gave me one and he gave you. It gave you what he gave me. A chair made of hockey sticks. And he silenced. Don't sit in that. I've sat in his very. It's likely unsafe knows very. I'm just saying it's i call it the hat trick to hockey term. I don't know if you've ever heard of it. Ralph it refers to He'll be missed. What a grand individual. What a wonderful human being Who will not only gave the world's greatest hockey player but Gave the world a lot great wisdom and stuff do that a big heart could do. He'll be missed he was he was very old though comes for us. All as ralph said nobody gets out alive son talk. You've got to put it like that. Some of us get free sets teeth constituents between my teeth i'm already dealing with fucking hawk cold hard reality. Fuck up you're right. I'm sorry as i as. I sit here with my cancer scar. I'm fine i'm good. Thanks much sugar coated for me. No i'm good. I'm good. I'm code and worry about me and my cancer i'm fine. Let's talk more about your teeth problems because you're gum issues are much more important than my cancer fluid sugar or whatever you whatever you need to feel bad sugar coating would be good for my teeth and i would have to go to the dentist so much. The sugar coat. It was probably problem with teeth. do you have any more skin cancer. That has to go pull got one in the back when they take the stitches out from the front one they gotta go back and cut into the back and do the next one. Why did they not want them at the same time. Because they thought it'd be Uncomfortable sleeping wise. Because i tend to sleep on my stomach or my back and they figured they would spare me and they would split them up a little bit so i wish my periodontics thought that well now evening mouth you gotta get it done all at once. 'cause you need your mouth listen the have half your mouth fucked up and the other half well because when you're eating whatever it is going to spill over into the other side of the mouth it's going to be a problem so that was probably wise. They're just saying the pera dont'a smarter about dentistry than i am. I would have to agree with that state fucking friend or you get my back. We met the guy i apologize. I don't know what i was thinking. He never put me in a movie. Why am i backing him up. Yeah fuck fuck that guy no. He's amazing he's an asshole. Oh he's the best doctors murder tall. You'll never get close to them. Fucking take all your teeth out for let you near doctors eve. Doctors zeev as he sounds like a flash gordon villain doctors email quickly. Give me the ray gun. Dr zeev is on his way. He told me after he was done with my teeth. Who's going to conquer the planet. I was you know see list did such a good job on my teeth. I believe it. I think you could conquer the planet. Good luck with that sort of thing. I says then i got the hell out of there because i won't be around when he conquers the planet. You don't what are you looking at. Your eyes are all. You're looking off in the corner. Something's going on your screen. I can tell you looking at some news. Somebody texted me. And i was like who is that and then i was like. I'm not going to answer that. And i was hope for a better answer. Yeah nothing good. I'm like oh fuck texted me. It's mariel hemingway willison. I are working together again. Be made you say mariel hemingway. That was the name i pulled. Yes slipped.

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