Hurricane Zaius, Hurricane Party, Senator Schumer discussed on WIOD Programming


The speaker and Senator Schumer. I think we would also characterized the discussion says Most productive we've had today the $600 a week payments keeping Americans afloat during the pandemic stop Friday. Florida Covert 19. Epicenter now hunkering down as Hurricane Zaius approaches in West Palm Beach, Natalie Betancur is getting groceries ahead of hurricane and in a year that's already wracked with anxiety, she says. This just adds to it. I feel that the public is really panicking because it's a hurricane and we're in the middle of a pandemic, So it's like Weird. Florida is one of the hardest hit in the outbreak right now, with a surgeon, hospitalizations and deaths. The governor ordering tent drive through and walk up testing facilities in the storm zone closed as the storm approaches. Shelters also being set up, and people are being told to stay at home and not gather for Hurricane Party's Michelle Franzen. ABC News The CDC releasing its report on the Georgia kids sleep away summer camp that shut down after a Corona virus outbreak was reported there in June. A lack of ventilation and Children not wearing masks appears to have contributed to the spread. Dr Ben Lokman, professor of epidemiology at Emory University, Atlanta, We know how this virus is transmitted. It's transmitted from person to person. People are in close contact with each other. Of the nearly 600 staff and attendees 344 tested 260. Testing positive. You're listening to ABC News. Check it out is trea insurance and progressive have partnered up to offer you the lowest price on car insurance. See it for yourself. Get a quote today visit astrea insurance dot com from.

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