Michael Flynn, President Trump, Steve Kastenbaum discussed on Mark Levin


Muller investigation back in November of twenty seventeen in regards to the pending plea deal, a former national security advisor, Mike, Flynn in what seems to be an attempt to find out if Michael Flynn was cooperating with Robert Mueller. President Trump's personal lawyer called Flynn's John doubt is quoted in the transcript as telling Flynn's attorney with a lot of pauses. It wouldn't surprise me. If you've gone onto mega deal with and work with the government, I understand that you can't join the joint defense. If on the other hand, there's information that implicates the president, then we've got a national security issue, or maybe a national security issue. I don't know some issue we've got to deal with not only for the president put for the country. So, you know, then then, you know, we need some kind of heads up. Bob cost. Santini Washington, there was another triple digit loss day at the new York Stock Exchange at the closing bell. The Dow Jones industrial average was down almost three hundred and fifty five points loss of one point four percent. The five hundred fell one and a quarter percent. And the NASDAQ dropped one and a half percent. Stock prices fell the moment trading began investors were reacting to President Trump's threat of tariffs this time aimed at Mexico. If that government doesn't do something to curtail the flow of migrants across the border Mexico is one of the US's largest trade partners sending almost three hundred fifty billion dollars worth of goods across the border each year. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. The NHL releasing a statement today regarding capitals forward again because nets off the video shows coups. Nets often a Stanley Cup playoff shirt in a hotel room and what appears to be cocaine on a table, along with an unknown sleeping woman, whose nets office said the video was from the summer of two thousand eighteen in Las Vegas, but added that when he saw what was going on? He left his soon as he could the NHL stating, they have no basis to question. Who's nets off side of the story and consider the matter now formally closed Barbara Brit,.

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