Alibaba, America, President Obama discussed on South Florida Morning Show


On. Now. Flyer. We don't Jeeves rose. Thanks just wants to know how you can cook a chicken that big. I think I you have to plug it stretch. Where did you know what I radically enough? I was in search of a chicken, Don this morning, and I found one on Alibaba you can get five hundred bucks out of China. Yeah. Is it that it's that was only a ten foot one? So I'm I'm using my leverage with them right now and be interesting, I know obvious Alibaba, but I'm negotiating with them to lower the prices because so much business is gonna fly in. So stay tuned. Are they going to give you a cut on this? You were the they're not gonna give me a car. I just want. If it's to proliferate in America, I want the Americans have the best price possible. Charging five hundred maybe cost him like fifty bucks or something. I'll call them up and deal with Alibaba. We want one price down Charing full disclosure here. Honestly as we wrap up here. I mean, you're honest, honest opinion. Do you think you would have been able to get this done and gotten the support of everybody every step of the way if it had been something four years ago when you were mocking President Obama? I mean, you're gonna statement. So I don't know. I don't think I would have been as motivated, I think is a pretty good leader. He has some areas where he wasn't as strong as I hoped, but overall I didn't feel like he was a destabilizing factor in the world. I think if you try to put up that chicken for years ago would have lasted one minute. Yes. Secret service, taking it out from the White House foam later, well, actually, no secret service, gave us a waiver to do all this, and they were really involved from the get-go. So every time I would show up to inflate I've done the inflation's here in DC about three times. But this is the first time it landed in those camera angles all along the way, it's sorta comes out they do sweeps of everything that I've brought onto the ellipse. And you know, they watch me inflated. Sure, they do. Regardless of the reason. Nice job. Yeah. Thank you guys. Thank you. All right. Thanks for being on an amazing world. Eight fifty WFL..

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