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A reading glasses and switchblade sisters a check them out maximum fund dot org and we have a bunch of other stuff at mac right out family including a new a monster factory episode that is just fine that's i think is the is really funny we play the game called blessing holy shit as it turned out while on and we have a bunch of new merged to including new a monster factory march for the first time so very true all right folks that's gonna do for us 'em graffiti of a final yahoo to kind of take yes let's load that up right now this is sending vinyl eric palmer thinking merits yahoo answers user land baritone who asks did you cry when you're a plumber died when you were i'm griffin mcelroy my brother my brother make it too bad grammar whip mm maximum fund dot org comedy and culture artists owned listener supported listen we already know that you love genre movies film crashed in female filmmakers so if you love all those things then by transit of property you my podcast switchblade sisters hi i'm film critic april every week i have a conversation with a different female filmmaker about their favorite genre each episode covers the filmmaking process working in the film industry and just like general geeking out about awesome movie i've had such great guests like the big stick writer emily gordon to me indie movies as of late has come to be a catch all term for movie the kind of defy genre billy madison unhappy director tamra data when the comedian comes and enters on device that they're they're just there to be funny

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