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As of sitting here with less than twenty percent of the precincts reporting. So there's still a ways to go. But now, it's beginning to take even more positive shape for Bob Steph announce key. It looks like Bob has about a twenty eight hundred vote lead last time. I talked to you. It was about a thousand it begins. The it's beginning to inch up every every couple of seconds. So the reporting that continuing to come in. But above Stefanski with about a three thousand Lee right now. If you look at. The actual state of Connecticut. What's reported, so far what would precincts have come in nez Lamont? Here's a guy. He's a very wealthy man going at it. Right. Fairfield county where all the money is Fairfield county is almost all the mine. One sixty three percent of the vote in Fairfield county. And what's surprising to me? This hasn't changed since the last time I talked to this is where the race is going to be won or lost in New Haven and Hartford, but a New Haven. Bob has a three thousand three thousand vote lead which is shocking to me. Although I know he's you know, he's from there. But still you would think the city would certainly go for the Mont and in in the eastern part of the state where this radio broadcast is is coming out of here in Leonard, Connecticut, we had said earlier on that I was going to win handily here in this area and ease. He's up his up by seven percentage points, and again is still a long way to go. But Bob, actually, as I'm sitting here talking to you has extended the lead Ian further there is now a nineteen point two percent of the precincts. Reporting and Bob has a full now a complete three thousand vote lead. It was just. Shaya three thousand a couple of minutes ago. Now, it's a clips the three thousand vote lead. So it's you know, it's getting exciting getting very very tight getting very very tight. So so there's I guess. Judge to hold Friday hearing on same day registrating vote registration registration voting in New Haven. As polls closed in. What was expected to be a tight race for governor in Connecticut. Republicans went to court to challenge what.

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