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It was cracking me up and then cynthia's trying to make light of it. She's like, well, you know, you do speaking quotes, you know, he do use those Instagram quotes. And then they show some those maims that means making for herself to put on her esta Graham stories or whatever as she goes. I do like quotes is just I I like close to public passive quotes. And they all like laugh, you put very negative quotes. And I have a question why she saying that Cynthia posting pictures of and chill makes your insecure. I did not say that. I said the hashtag the hashtag it. She goes, it just seems overdone. And then she goes a girl can have an opinion Honey, and everyone just starts laughing. Like this this best after she says all the stuff about opinions girl can have opinion, right? They just they just all even tomorrow is laughing. They're all laughing, and how ridiculous like he doesn't even seem to realize the joke is on her at this point. Yeah. And she's like Cinta goes, well as your friend, and she's like, oh, my friend amazing. I think that's amazing that you call me up for and as Cynthia she goes, well, I think it's amazing that you'd call me friend, and she goes, well, I didn't like your opinion brand. Yes. Yes. Exactly. And that's pretty much where left off with a friend off. But yeah, knee is a full on monster. And you know, I don't think she will ever ever be humbled. And she needs to leave waiting to be done to get the hell outta here. He's ruining the franchise. She really is. Because I think that a she's such a diva that I think then like it it like caused this whole thing of like, well, if she can do that than I want to do this. You know, like, it's another all well, they're all gonna be divas anyway. But I don't we need her out. We need her out. She probably tried to control production too, much, and we can sense it. We can tell is not fun to watch. No one's rooting for her. She's not a good villain. She's not a good hero. She's not a good anything be done with her sickie Dany go away. Go Amy go. All right. Well, that brings us to the end of this. We did this recap on TV party. Thank you guys for joining us on TV party. If you miss this. You can catch a replay over at crap on demand, which is a feature patriotic over there. Get tickets for Irvine. We'll see you soon. Boston will we will actually be back tonight. Live streaming on TV party. We're going to pump rules Rica at ten PM Pacific time. Yeah. Over or here on TV party here, and you'll be able to get that video late night tonight as well. Check that out. We love you guys. We will see you next time. Wow. We.

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