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I'm Rollie James. Some people know a little about a lot of things. But if you know a lot about anything, you're perfect for trivia. Finally, all that useless knowledge you have a master's about to pay off tonight. 10 to 1 on 7 20. W G. M. That's where we are 9 36 of time land decker standby for rapping with Tom Hush, But first we're gonna get to the phones that be one too. 91 $7200 reactions coming into the station and our phone lines for conversations a few minutes ago about it affect net Flix movie called Radium Girls. On expose movie, so to speak of in the early 19 hundreds, when young ladies were hired by factories to actually paint radioactive material on clocks, etcetera, so that they would glow in the dark. And it was a Toxic. Environment, toxic material It caused death. And that's what that movie is about Radium girls and we're getting some reaction from folks who Have had experience in their family with exactly that. Let's go to Mary Kate. Good evening, Mary. Kate, You're on WGN. Hello. Hey, Sorry, Esther. Talking about this factory and Mattoon. Okay? Hmm. Exactly. Mattoon. It's very close to ST ER Uh um Shall Peru searching time ex factory and these people that were hired, recalled tippers. T i P. P. R s because of the tip of the tip of the brush. Well, yeah, they would put the brush in their mouth and a teeny tiny brush and they would lick it to get a very fine tip. And then they would paint. But the radium dial so that it would go in the dark on the time ex clock. You've heard a big Ben for a wind up crops and they were brand okay, that's what they were. In 73. The building was closed. There was a classic. Lawsuit. And the only thing that those people got Was an average of about 7200. There were four men lived. You see that money? My great uncle was a janitor in the building. In the building. So he knew about these. These people would come out with cancer that went up the nose. Yep. Down into the Wrote. And I was describing to the other gentlemen. If you picture a doughnut. Lacking Krusty. I mean cancer might be that big. I'm a fish. You're only four men that leaves to see the settlement. It was it was horrid, and it was. They were like two on and they knew about the cancer. Years and decades before. I knew about that. Yeah, well, that's one of the mankind next, covered it up. One. I don't want to Tom. I don't want to comment specifically about time X. But according to this film, which is called the Radium Girls, what you're describing Woz. Sort of standard operating procedure and makes them it makes the point that if you find a grave that has one of the radium girls Skeletons in it, and you put a Geiger counter over it. It will still Register radio activity so Wow. Thanks for calling on Congress Shit. It's called Radium girls, and it's on Netflix. Okay, Thanks. All right. Thank you. And now pivoting, mistimed push now. Yeah. 27..

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