Hill Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Hill bloomberg knowledge that she engaged in these discussions to secure donations for women who made or considering making accusations against donald trump and the lead up to last year's election i wanted to stop here for that this is deep and profound now there is a reason why let me get bummy backtrack i interviewed women and and had a profound impact on my thinking about bill clinton that he was a predator all basically came out in the end remember the first person to come out with jennifer flowers he's a candidate and bill and hillary go on sixty minutes and they just trash jennifer flowers deny it ever happen if you leap forward to 1998 in the deposition all then president clinton admitted yeah jennifer flowers had told the truth they did have an affair a didn't say all the details but he did admit to the affair now that hillary and bill were part of the effort to smear jennifer flowers i interviewed jennifer i found or credible i never got paid i interviewed paula jones founder credible never got paid in o uh or never paid rather and the same with cavallina willie in the same with one eight abroad arik and those interviews that's why you have tabloid papers you know you have it kit tabloid tv shows m one news breaks on those outlets it's not supposed to be is credible most people don't view it is credible as they would a major news source that's not willing to pay people to say things because money equals than incentive for people now they're saying here that it had no.

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