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Horses and makes things better then i i don't know how you argue with people that would think that 'cause it's preposterous i i i'd also like no we're lee tlc is because you had you had owners at michael stinson coolmore and the dishes kevin kimberly dish who had would have had the favorite in the middle there an and the people the that group from porter rico embracing it they had horses scratched over the weekend no one no one spoke up for them i i think that's the role of the tlc allan allan bosch at our boss was with the royal ascot with all the turmoil with all the turmoil involved at at santa anita end with just three more days the get through you'll this this anguished six months if it was important for our boss dakota roy alaska i i it's i i'm at a loss honestly honestly it it really feels like how indoor for was singled out and targeted because when when there would be the face halliday involving coaches dan nights and who stood up for jared allen darfur when management at that time was was looking to lay blame at college or fussy an when i since it up form he was fired so clearly there was a plan of action it seems i i mean i i'm sure there's more the more to it but just you know from afar and and just trying to put all these pieces together as people i talked to rick hammer late last night that's coming back from the from the wedding and we're gonna talk the time a grieving a who knows jerry eleanor fire as as well as anyone and has has worked with him for four years and they've had incredible success together a no one no no no one that's close to their skin can really understand what the benefit is a doing this the someone whose entire life is horses and industry though let's to a break and we're gonna get to jim toner the lie tougher jimmy and tom mcgreevy johnny d and more back after this short break here with steve on sirius xm radio it's summer is one of the times for serious horse players don't bet they're racist saratoga.

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