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Chain every day. Oh my God. Everyone cries air. Right. Yes. Billionaire president of the United the leader of the free world. Also, sad wine bad that he's a billionaire leader of the free world. You know, live in the White House and fly on Marine One and Air Force One. And it's so tragic, and you also said about his I'm going to give ordered a plus treatment for Alabama. You said you'll never see plus treatment tweet for California Puerto Rico sixty percent of the nation is either escape go for Trump or an outright enemy, he rewards friendly states and punishes the unfriendly ones, this ought to be the basis for abuse of power impeachment article. Yeah, every every day a new, you know, and it's bright. Yeah. But the thing about that tweet seventy is he deleted it is eight plus treatment for Alabama tweet because I think he discovered. Oh, wait, I'm the president of the whole country. Not just the red state. What he's doing what he's not? He's not. He has no desire to be. No, no, no. He doesn't he doesn't. This is a case where I think someone said to him you can't tweet that in Hebrew grudgingly said fine. I'll delete it and been through his phone across the room or something like a rat on this is what he does your final tweet that. I love is. Is he seriously taking credit for caring HIV? I mean, he does announce things that are general news as if he had something to do with it. Right. Right. Right. And and they'll figure out some to Kellyanne Conway will figure out some way to say, you know, Mr. Trump could came up with the funding in the scientists that and did this and that and that the curing of aids in the, you know, just like, oh, my God, you there's just no possible way. He just, you know, this is he is a BS machine. I mean, I've never seen a BS machine of this quality standard. He is sending out the highest quality BS we have ever seen from that off. I know you're right. You can you can imagine Kellyanne Conway saying anything like the tides. We didn't have those before we because the President Trump type. Again, and then and then all the red head start cheering. Yeah. You know, we're responsible for the time. Yes. Bringing the tide center tied out what magic is creating these tide. Well, it's Donald Trump. Do you want to play our favourite daily game show in that is what degree of war of the roses hate sex, George and Kellyanne Conway having presently because he is at troll level. He just tweeted last year Trump said when he heard I forgot about this you remember this last year Trump said I he heard I was first in my class at the university of Pennsylvania's Wharton business program, but Trump's name does not appear on the school's dean's list or the list of students received academic honors class of nineteen sixty eight. And then there's obviously reports of the complete spasms out. He had to to threaten and cover up like having any school, including his high school releases grades, right? Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, it's funny when he gets into superlatives like, I'm the greatest. Accomplished. All these things always reminds me. And you'll appreciate this reminds me of like Howard Stern at his peak. Where Howard was saying that had he literally invented everything that has to do with radio. Well, he did since he's our colleague here on siriusxm. He did I will defend that. Okay. Okay. Donald Trump thinks he literally everything that everything is great that happened. He's responsible for Donald Trump has a hand all of the greatness. And at all, you know, again, it's all playing into his brand, which is always winning and always cheerleading for himself. Right. What I'll find the story. But I think it was right. When he challenged. He kept challenging Obama to release his grades. There was like an all he did like a frantic push to make sure none of schools released is knowing what shocking news to unite that. He is a dump okay. Yeah. Yeah. In the first reading thing is again, you know, we say all these things, and and we do have to keep saying because at some point I, you know, I feel like it's eventually going to stick to the wall. I it doesn't it just doesn't crack that bubble yet. And I think at some point soon, I hope there will be something that will come along and crack that Alex news bubble finally convincing people to see the life on this absolutely one hundred percent presidential crisis. Absolutely. Thank you cop crisis. You said it best. Thank you. Bob ceska. Thank you. Stephanie Miller, you are so hot you could melt the snow in DC. So don't you worry with that weather face? Oh, help me. I can't this. I am seasonal affective disorder or something. I can't deal with this weather. How people live here. How is that possible? Aztec sad. Didn't you grow up there? Yes. I did. Long. I can as a buffalo girl, I can testify. You're a giant see when you grow up your blood thins out. It's a whole it's a whole thing. Yeah. It's it's it's it's an ungodly climate. By that. I mean obsessed because the giants. Love you say that was Faso put your mittens to your coat, Bob..

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