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Wearing a seat belt, reporting an auburn Karina Vargas, colonials. A homeless encampment in Seattle sono neighborhood is now in the process of being cleared. Jeremy Harris says it comes as a relief to local activists. Police data shows reported crimes here more than doubled from 2021 to 2022. We definitely saw the criminal elements here that was using them held as a cover. CID advocate and now city council candidate Tanya Wu says this encampment was a hub for drugs and was a hazard for the neighborhood and for people staying at nearby homeless shelters. We see that detrimental people from all over the city coming here to buy drugs. They take drugs and they come into our community. This is at least the 5th encampment to be closed down in the last two weeks in Seattle. There was one at first in Michigan, one underneath the ship canal bridge, and two in the Chinatown international district. The King County regional homelessness authority has told me for the last two weeks that they have had some new housing options come online. We're asking them for more specifics about that. And if this could be a sign that more in canons are going to be cleared in the near future, Jeremy Harris, como news. Plans appear to be moving fast to relocate and orca taken from the waters of the puget sound more than 50 years ago. Northwest news radio's John libertini. The billionaire owner of football Indianapolis colt says he'll pay whatever it takes to bring toki back to the Pacific Northwest. She is roughly 57 years old. She was captured in the Pacific Northwest in 1970 when there were a large number of captures captured from a southern resident orca pad. Charles vinick at the whale sanctuary project is working with veterinarians and planning the move. Although she still has a chronic infection, she is stable enough that they think such a move would be better for her health than where she is. The Miami seaquarium. She's been there for more than 50 years, but as Lolita after decades of trying to gain her release, Friends of toki finally succeeded last week. To begin discussions with all the federal agencies and the state agencies to facilitate a move to a netted enclosure in the Pacific Northwest, a move could happen sometime in the next year, but vinick says talk of returning to

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