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And for absolutely $0, you can rate and review the show on Apple. 5 stars, please. It'll only take ten seconds and it helps us tremendously. Okay, that's it. We love you deeply. Now back to the show. So we've got a bunch of video questions from our we told them our audience. But I want to start out with every once in a while on our Twitch show. I do a little segment called valley of the paper doll. Where I put it to the audience. I find something so over the pandemic all we sat on Instagram all day and we would get ads for fake chicken nuggets and clothing. And every once in a while, I would find some clothing and be like, I wonder if I could pull this off. The answer is no, almost every time. But I would put it to the audience. And I'm going to put to you guys. I found this. So eBay, I got a message from eBay last night. That's like, hey, you haven't logged on in 20 years. If you don't log on, we're going to shut down your account. So I didn't click the link just in case. Smart proud of you. I'm proud of you. We don't click out here. He knows about scams. Yeah. Yes. If you ever do an episode on Goldman Sachs, please have me on. Or the mortgage crisis or collateralized debt obligations, collateralized debt. Spicy indeed. And what I was on eBay, Nikki, can you put up this T-shirt I sent you? Oh, I can't wait to see this. Should I buy for $19 and 99 cents? Should I bid on this ALF rocks T-shirt, which is a strong down? Drug thumbs down for Bryan. Now, lazy looking concerned. I.

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