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In here with your news is vic lawn breaks patty light rain at o'hare this morning tech giant apple makes it later this morning wgn's ryan burrow reports the first product announcement from apple this year will be made at lane tech high school on the city's north side the company's invite asking people to hear creative and new ideas for teachers and students it will be the first education themed event in six years tech experts speculate apple may soon be rolling out a new ipad with an apple pencil because of the way the invitation is designed apple is not commenting about the possible products or even the speakers other than saying there will be a keynote address ryan burrow wgn news sheriff's deputies from ingham county in michigan last night arrested the former boss of disgraced dr larry nassar at michigan state university seventy year old william strength will will face arraignment in court later today unspecified charges it may be connected to the misconduct at msu that led to the largest child sex abuse case in us history britain is calling it the largest collective expulsion of russian diplomats in world history twenty two countries say they're expelling a total of one hundred fifteen russians after the poisoning of an ex russian spy and his daughter in the uk the us is taking the lead the white house says the us will expel sixty russians that's forty eight russians from the embassy and twelve from the un the woman who as a young student was at the center of the landmark nineteen fifty four supreme court decision desegregating schools has died seventy six year old linda brown refunded was the main plaintiff in the famous brown versus board of education case that challenged separate schools for black and white children into pika kansas and back locally the final four is this weekend in san antonio texas loyal is competing it will culminate in the national championship game there on monday travel expert janine tournant tori it tells us how fancy wanna make.

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